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Monday, December 31, 2012

Renovation complete!

It took a few hours of photocopying, cutting and pasting, but it's finished. I didn't worry about the pictures being "to scale". I just looked for colorful illustrations that fit the room. For instance, kitchen scenes for the kitchen, and animals sitting in living room chairs for the living room.  Audrey loves it, and that's what counts, right? ;)

Bert and Ernie think it's pretty cool!
So does Snuffleuppagus!
Since I covered the windows with the illustrations, I added other pictures you could see from the outside as if you're looking in.
For my next project, and this is a long-term one, I'm making a photo album for each of my kids.
I'm thinking of these as "starter" albums that the kids can add their photos to. I'm going to include pictures of ancient ancestors along with some biographical info, pictures of Bob and myself from childhood through the present, and a carefully chosen selection of photos from the kids' lives. I can't afford to print every photo ever taken, and wouldn't want to if I could. I just want to include some of the best photos taken in each phase of their lives and they can add their own recent photos. I also want to include some of the boys' writings, some things written by their grandmothers and some philosophizing of my own. This is my chance to pass on some of my thoughts I'd like them to remember throughout their lives. This will take a while, but hopefully they'll be ready for birthdays coming up this spring and summer.
That's it for now! Shalom! :)


  1. what treasures you are creating! i love the house and your album plans... your grandkids are so blessed!
    wishing you all good thing in 2013 x

    1. That's just what I had in mind; treasures that can be handed down from child to child. Thanks for the kind words, Claire. :)

  2. The house is SO cute! Love the gang from Busy Town!
    Way to go! I actually bought a mailing envelope today. Soon, friend.

    1. Gotta love Richard Scarry! Woo-hoo, a mailing envelope! :D


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