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Friday, August 19, 2016

Thrift store haul!

My day off began with helping Micah and the girls. A new seatbelt was needed in her van before baby Sullivan arrives (maybe in the next few weeks!). So, I followed her to the repair shop and she and the girls crowded into my car to wait for the van to be ready. We ate our drive-through lunches and the girls colored and played games on Micah's phone. We had a good time together. The mechanic is a friend of Micah's, so he gave her some good-humored ribbing about being pregnant AGAIN. He and his wife have four kids also, so he was only kidding. :)

As they drove away to do their own errands I decided to drop in and take a quick look at one of the local thrift/antique/junque shops. I ended up staying for almost 3 hours! My idea of a fun afternoon! I came away with a basketful of loot.

I got rid of most of my salt and pepper shaker collection before I moved, so I thought it was time to buy some more. I'm looking for cute little knick-knacks to brighten up the apartment.
I love this box of postcards. The artwork is inspired by matchbox cover art. I'll use these when mailing ATC's to make a sturdier package and the recipients will love the art!

 This little Santa nesting doll is in poor shape, but I love it as art. It looks cute on my desk shelf. The plaid box is lacquered and was made in India. It's in rough shape, too, but I think that gives it more charm. The lid lifts off and I'll find something to store in there!
 I bought these two frames mainly for the frames themselves. They look like something you would hang on the walls of your resort cabin. Someone put 1960-ish looking magazine pictures in the frames. But if you click on this to enlarge it you'll notice that the magazine picture doesn't go all the way to the top. Someone finished the picture at the top! I wish they would have painted the whole thing! This was something I hadn't noticed til I got it home. I'm hoping to someday make a painting or two to put in them.
 I got this because I love the illustrations. I wouldn't be above copying them for some ATC artwork!
 This funny box was filled with pretty stationary with interesting borders. I'll probably use these to wrap ATC's in. Some of the collagers among us will probably cut the borders off and use them in their collages. Or maybe I will. ;)
I don't know about you guys, but I read ALL of the Black Stallion books when I was about 10-12 years old. So, when I come across a copy I snap it up for my grandkids' library.
 I had sort of a souvenir theme going for a while...
 This tiny mug celebrates my Texas roots. It will sit on my desk and will eventually hold some art supplies.
 I just thought this was funny! It will work perfectly with my Keurig coffee maker!
 What can I say? I need a tea bag holder!
I also need a spoon holder...don't I?

So there you go. A lot of fun for not a lot of money.

In other news, I made this postcard for the MMH (Make Me Happy) Postcard swap. A gal asked for a painting of a mushroom. This little postcard is in the mail and bound for St. Petersburg, Russia! My first card to go to Mother Russia. I hope there's something left of the art by the time it gets there. It's sort of a funny feeling to spend time making  a painting and then to stick it bare nekked in the mail! But that's how it's done. Here's hoping she gets it okay.

For another Make Me Happy swap I made this ATC of a chicken.
 It's been a pleasant day off, and I'm feeling blessed! I hope you're having a good day and that you'll have a wonderful weekend!
Shalom, all!


  1. what fun finds! and great things for your art post card swaps! I love vintage things! :)

  2. You sure found a lot of treasures at the thrift store. I'm a great thrift store browser but I don't think I have ever spent 3 hours there!! I would have had to go have a cup of tea halfway through.

  3. I love your ATC's!
    Three hours? Worth it!

  4. I love it that you see all these items through the eyes of an artist. Love the coffee cup! Have you ever seen quilted postcards? Your art postcards reminded me of the quilted ones. They are more expensive to send due to the hand canceling fee.

    1. No, I've never seen the quilted ones. I think they would take me too long to make! :)

  5. Your mushroom painting is lovely. I do hope it makes it to its destination. I know what you mean about sending art through the mail. I like your chicken too. You draw so well. I'll have to say you got a lot of things from your 3 hour stay at the thrift store. Very neat things, too. They should brighten up any corner you want to put them in.


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