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Thursday, November 10, 2011

On the Road Again!

Mole, Ratty and Toad are off on their next adventure! They experienced our first snowfall of the season...
Shortly after this experience I found them working on this sign!Maybe the snow reminded them too much of the time they got lost in the woods! (Although that ended very well, in front of Badger's fireplace!) They were very kind, saying they enjoyed seeing the north woods and the beautiful lakes, not to mention learning about poison ivy *itch* and wolves and black bears *shiver*. They were sorry to know that they had arrived too late to hear the haunting call of the loons, who had headed to their wintering places by now. But...they had heard rumors that Texas was warmer this time of year. (I withheld the fact that the area where they are headed has experienced some earthquake tremors lately. I think that was a fluke, so why worry them?) I wish they could have seen the Aurora Borealis, but that lightshow can be very elusive even for those of us who live here all the time. So...
we packed them up snugly and after many good-byes and thank you's, and a few tears, I gave them over to the care of the nice lady at the post office. The outside of our little post office is decorated with this beautiful mosaic of a tiger muskie, which is fabled to live in the waters of our beloved Lake Belletaine.
Mole, Ratty and Toad are on their way to visit Gigi at Firefly Cottage in Texas. Maybe they can wave at my two sons who live in Ft. Worth, as they pass by. Wish I could ride along with them and visit my sweet boys, but I will have to wait for larger accomodations! Gigi, they are looking forward to seeing all of the wonders of the Lone Star State. As a native Texan myself I enjoyed hearing of their expectations of BIG things in Texas. Have lots of fun with The Three. I sure have enjoyed meeting them and decorating The Book!


  1. What a great stay, Lisa- thank you very much! Their first snow! A really magical time they have had, I think! Bon voyage, you three! Behave!

  2. What a fantastic post, my story telling friend! That boot picture is PERFECT!
    I feel sure they LOVED the woods and now they can visit with Gigi, watch the golfers and eat figs! (BIG HUG of thank you, thank you, thank you for loving The Three and adding so much to their Grand Tour!)

  3. You certainly know how to entertain. I'd be watching out if I were you, I've heard rustlings when I walk before my bookshelf... I haven't been able to peg exactly who it is. Seems like it's coming from the vicinity of Huck and Tom. If they show up missing, I'll send you warning!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I'm glad they got to experience the snow from the safety of a warm boot ;o)!



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