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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WITW Happenings in Minnesota...

Ah, finally we had our tea party! Toad was a little put out that my English Cottage cups were actually made in Japan, but he liked my Irish biscuit tin. Did you notice my little mushroom teapot? It has been glued back together, but I think it's a cute little teapot. After our tea...
...the boys located my copy of their favorite book! They gazed admiringly at it and stroked the binding. I think they're a little homesick. Well, I promised a visit to the Ancient Swamp Willows...
These old willows have been around for a hundred or more years, I'm sure, and they won't be around much longer, but I think Mole, Ratty and Toad enjoyed being back close to nature for a bit.
Boys are boys the world around and these are no exceptions.
Their noses were pressed against the windows as they watched this huge log cutting machine on its way to harvest some trees in our woods.
Yes, Pom Pom, I did get a photo of The Willows posing with little Miss Audrey. I'm not sure she quite knew what to think of it, but she'll be impressed someday to find she posed with these famous folks!
Well, it's time for everyone to be off to bed. I'll keep you posted! :D


  1. Oh, I LOVE the pictures! Your Willows copy is just like the one my sister sent me. Isn't it WONDERFUL?
    Audrey is adorable and I am sure the boys loved cuddling up with her!
    Thank you for your kind tea party (oh, that is the CUTEST teapot I've seen in a while!) and for your tender care of The Three!
    You are the best, best, best, Lisa!
    (I have a little goodie for you. We'll see if I can get it in the mail soon!)

  2. Yea! They made it. And just in time for tea... They do love their tea don't they? ;)

    We have the same volume of The Wind in the Willows!

    Enjoy your time together...

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Lisa, I love this post! I have been back and back and back all day just to admire the teapot, and that beautiful little person, and the clear sky, but most of all the Ancient Swamp Willows. I am transfixed by the concept of Ancient Swamp Willows! And now I know where Minnesota is too. It has been a win-win day here in Strawberry Land! Thank you xxx

  4. And as for actually having an Irish biscuit tin- well!

  5. I sure am enjoying all the comments. And, Mags, I think I found the biscuit tin at a garage sale! I sure do like it. Thanks all! :D

  6. Oh what delightful hospitality Lisa! I'm so glad that everyone arrived safely & that the three didn't have to linger for long in the chilly letterbox. Goodness what grand old willows & what a sweetie little Audrey is : ) Love Catherine x

  7. You're such a fine hostess, Lisa! And that Audry....oh my, my!!!


  8. Oh that Toady! He is such a stinker! I'm glad the Willows got to see some of the north. It is so beautiful -- even if it's a bit chilly this time of year.


  9. I should think they felt right at home under that toadstool teapot. A very homeley welcome you gave them.


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