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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweet little grandgirls...

Mama Micah's caption for this photo on Facebook was,
"Audrey just leaned over, gave Hazel a big kiss and said I love you Hazy!!! Doesn't get any sweeter!"
Audrey (right) and her cousin Cali.


Jordan (center) and two of his goofy friends way down in Texas. (Well, they're all three goofy. I love it!)

Bob is starting on a cancer drug today called Tarceva. He'll take it for a year for his lung and then they'll see how it's going. The side effects sounded pretty scary to me, but the doctor says he doesn't expect Bob to have a lot of problems with it. Much less than with chemo.  If necessary they'll go to chemo after that, but hopefully they won't have to. The radiation therapy he just completed takes a couple of months to do its work. They will be doing MRIs to see how effective the treatments have been.
Bob was moved from the nursing home, where he was placed about 12 days ago, back to Sanford hospital because he was confused and his blood pressure was very low. I think he got dehydrated because the radiation causes heartburn and acid reflux which caused him not to want to eat and drink for a few days. His blood pressure is doing better today, but he's still kind of confused. He is eating pretty well. The doctor is checking for an infection, and those labs will take about 5 days for results. So we'll be here through next weekend. At that time it's possible that instead of going back to this nursing home, we can take Bob to a facility in Park Rapids so I will be able to go home and spend days with him. If he can get his strength back sufficiently then he could go home also.
Sorry if this is sort of jumbled together! I've been through this information so many times with so many people! :)
Thanks for prayers and I hope my two readers are in good health and spirits!
Shalom to you both!


  1. I continue to pray for Bob and for you, dear Lisa. He gives you strength.

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted. Your little girls are so adorable!

  3. Thoughts and prayers are with you...hope you get the chance to do the day visiting, thing ~ having a base at home must be easier.
    Cute girlies, btw!

  4. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate too! Hopefully the new treatment will help! Beautiful pictures of the children!



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