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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Climbin' back on the blogging wagon...

Seems like I fell off the blogging wagon there for a while. I've just been working, resting, babysitting and watching a lot of Christmas movies. My evenings seem to slip away so quickly and I just haven't had the "oomph" needed to think of something to write!

I'm about to learn about the intricacies of probate. I need to get my dad's piece of property transferred into my name. I'm selling it along with my property and need it to be legally clear and in my name to do that. I've just started corresponding with a lawyer (the wife of my realtor) and I hope it won't be too tricky. Another learning experience!

Have any of you noticed the Pioneer Woman dishware at Walmart? As a Christmas present to myself I've purchased a few pieces. My old mismatched dishes are headed for the thrift store. I still need a few pieces, but I'm purposely buying only a few settings. Just enough to have the kids over for dinner. Any more is superfluous. :) The colors are sort of washed out in this photo, but you get the idea.

The grandgirls gifts are wrapped and ready. I'll probably have Christmas breakfast with the kids and grands. They usually have a full schedule of visiting other grandparents later in the day.
This is my newest crèche. I bought it at the Dollar Tree! The little scene behind them is a manger scene I found among my mother-in-laws belongings. She glued a picture from a magazine onto a piece of wood. It's become one of my traditional decorations.
It's windy and snowy outside. Not the 8-12 inches they were forecasting earlier in the week. Just a couple of inches. It's the icy rain that came down just before the snow that's making things slippery and driving slow. It should pass tonight and be pretty nice the rest of the week. My weekend off is coming up!

I babysat Audrey and Hazel yesterday. Micah had a dentist appointment to get some wisdom teeth pulled, so Adam drove her and they took Adele with them. We had a nice day together watching movies, coloring, splashing around in the kitchen sink, and playing Candy Land among other things. One of the highlights was when the conversation turned to flying kites. (I don't remember how that happened, but anything is possible with little people!) Three year old Hazel was describing to me the many problems that can arise when flying a kite. They can go over the pasture fence. They can get stuck in a tree. But she remembers vividly when her kite went way up high in the sky. "Up high in God's town!" Such exclamations of delight warm a grandma's heart. :)

This photo was shamelessly stolen from the internet.
Just for the record here are my four latest ATC's for the Curling Up With a Good Book swap...

Think I'll catch up on a few of your blogs and then call it a night. Thanks for dropping by!

Merry Christmas and shalom to all!


  1. God's town! So sweet! I love your new dishes and your ATC's!

  2. It's so nice to see you're back again. I missed you!
    I wonder if we have that Pioneer Woman dishware at Walmarts in Canada. I must check it out because we all know I need more dishes. Not.
    Learning about probate sounds rather involved but with a lawyer's help no doubt it will all work out.
    Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  3. Thanks for catching us up!! I always love your updates :)
    I bought some Pioneer Woman bowls and measuring cups for our family gift exchange! She has some really nice things, I think.
    Good luck with the probate thing. All I know is that nothing happens fast!

  4. Hallo, dear Lisa, you made a nice Bethlehem-scene with the figures and the back-ground! Also you new watercolours are very nice! I can understand, how happy you are because of Hazels "Up high in God's town!" This is the high-light of Christmas and Grandmas heart!

    Here the weather is quite warm, but the days become early dark and mystic. No snow: good for driving to the ranch :)

  5. What fun to have young grandchildren! It's been a long, long time since mine were young. Enjoy it now! I love your art, especially the horse one. I have read so many books in the last year that I couldn't begin to count them, but at least 2/week and sometimes more.

  6. I do love those ATC's!! They make me want to read...Actually, today I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't, so it turned into a nice wintry reading session :-)

  7. Hi Lisa - I've been able barely to keep up with blogging, but am far behind in reading blogs :( I love the ATC on the horse! Some people can read anywhere, haha! Your weather sounds so hard -- we had about 13 snow flurries the other evening, and you should have heard the children squealing with excitement. We rarely get any snow.


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