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Monday, March 7, 2016

Farewell, Downton Abbey!

I just got to watch the finale of Downton Abbey tonight. I loved it! It was the perfect ending to a perfect series. Now we can just imagine everyone living happily ever after. :)

I spent about 6 hours today babysitting Audrey and Hazel, while Micah and Adele went for Micah's first pregnancy checkup with baby #4. I could slap myself for forgetting to take a camera with me. Those two girls do some pretty cute things, and I managed to miss it all! I got the forbidden plastic recorders off of a top shelf and let them whistle away to their hearts' content. Audrey started composing her own songs with singing and whistling combined. What talent! Besides that they spent lots of time with markers coloring in "velvet" pictures. That was a great Walmart investment! Lots of fun for just about $4.
 These are perforated so you have tons of little separate pieces of art to color. The girls loved them!
 The grandchildren's art gallery is taking shape. The first two are Hazel's, then Audrey's. Son Josh has promised paintings by Nathan and Starry.
Josh and Jess are talking about making another attempt to move to Minnesota. They've tried several times in the past, but health issues for Jess or problems finding a decent job have thrown obstacles in their way. I'm determined not to worry myself sick trying to figure things out for them. I need to allow God to do His work and to provide for them. I'm not God. I need to concentrate on staying close to Him, doing my job as Mom (praying), and keeping an eternal perspective. I suspect God has bigger plans for us than just finding a job and a house, but those things may be used to test and strengthen our faith so we're prepared for bigger things in the future.

In my Bible reading today I was reading Matthew 6:14-15 and I realized that I had not been forgiving others who I felt were sinning against me. My employers. I fuss and complain about what I feel are injustices in my workplace, and it dawned on me that I need to forgive them and just do my best work. Now, may the Lord bring this to my remembrance at work! :)

My latest swap was a Pen and Ink swap. Love that pen and ink!

 The model for this character was carved out of wood. I have a whole bunch of these guys to use as future models. Fascinating!

It's been an action-packed day. I'd better start gearing down for bedtime. Thanks for stopping by!
Much shalom to you and your household!


  1. I'm going to look if our Walmart has those painting pads. They look great. I smiled when I read that you got down the forbidden ( noisy) recorders. Were we more patient than parents now? Or did we stash the irritating toys up high too.It SEEMS to me I had lots of patience but my kids would no doubt correct me.
    Did you or your husband carve the models you used for the ATCs? Neat.

  2. Your grands are blessed that Granny supplies such fun creative projects!
    I LOVED the last Downton Abbey, too! Perfect!
    Take care, good Lisa!
    I LOVE your drawings, especially the sunflower!


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