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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lazy old me...

Looks like I've been sloughing off on the blogging! I think it's because I haven't had any great photos to share and I hate to bore you with a long block of prose.

Here's a photo worth sharing. My daughter Micah and her hubby Adam just found out that after 3 girls, they are expecting a BOY. And, they've chosen a name...

 They always find a fun way to announce the gender. They gave the unopened envelope with the gender info to Grandpa Doug (Adam's dad) and he handed Micah the appropriate canister of "smoke". She and Adam were pretty excited to find out that the baby in question is little Ezekiel Loren Yliniemi!
Son Josh, wife Jess and daughter Starry were here for three days. They thought Josh might find a job while they were here, but still no success. This is an economically depressed area, and it's difficult to find jobs that pay enough to support a family. I suggested that they come back in a year, when my lease is up, and maybe we could rent a house together. My extra income just might make it possible. Then they would be here and could get settled in. I would still eventually move in with Micah and Adam, but I think it will be a few years before their dream home becomes a reality, so this could be happening in the interim. Well, life just keeps changing! It was good to see Josh and family for a few days and now they're safely back in Kentucky.
Starry got bored at the restaurant on the way home and decided to decorate her dad's beard...

It was a long day at work...time to veg out! :) Thanks for stopping by. I'll come visit some of y'all if I'm not too lazy!

Shalom upon you all!


  1. wonderful original dear and happy photos! What an amazing good family you have! What a life-story! It's an adventure to be a Lisa-grandma!! Best wishes for this young family!! It would be nice to share a house with them later - wonderful grandma!

  2. Another grandbaby to love and enjoy. That's so wonderful. Sometimes I feel sad that there will not be any more of those in our family. But I am blessed to see at least two of them every single day!

  3. Hooray for a little cowboy! I love your family plans. You are such a lovely mother.

  4. I'm excited for you to have a new grandson! I love the name Zeke, too. Wonderful news.


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