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Monday, September 5, 2016

Time keeps flying!

Seems like I just posted and here it is about 10 days later!

I had a weekend of frying chicken at work for all the Labor Day celebrators. It was hectic, but I really feel it today. TIRED, achy, and fuzzy in the brain. Hopefully, things will now slow down at work. My manager in the deli just announced that December 30th will be her last day. I was feeling bad about cutting back or quitting in mid-November, because I didn't want to leave her more short-handed than she already was, so this news makes my departure a little easier. Thank you, Lord! She's had arthritis issues for years, and she and her hubby decided now was the time to quit rather than trying to make it through another year. So, this semi-retirement stuff is becoming more real every day. I can't really go out and appy for another job until my social security kicks in in mid-November. I need to think outside the box about what is available and possible around here. Prayers for wisdom appreciated!

I just mailed cards off for a swap called "What's In Your Cabinet?" (Curiosity Cabinets):

"Trapped in Amber"

"Bottles and Jars"

"Vintage Stuffed Animals"

"Under the Sea"
Another swap was called "Found Poetry: Illustrated". The idea was to glue a square of text from a book page onto your card. Then find a "poem", which doesn't need to rhyme or even look like a poem. Mostly it just makes a funny sentence. And then you illustrate it. These turned out kind of clunky, but for the record, I'll post them. :)

Well, I'm off to do more resting, and to deliver some birthday gifts to my little grandgirl, Hazel. She's FOUR today! Here's what I got for her.
Ha, ha! The red car is for Audrey, so they can have races up and down the hall. Hazel's little cousin, Max, had a birthday a few days ago and this is what they gave him. Hazel was sad to send the toys off in the mail, so I got her the same toys for her birthday. With Hazel it's dinos one minute and tutus the next! She's such a treat!

Oh, and Hazel and Audrey have another past time. It's called dressing up their little living doll of a baby sister! My daughter titled this "Princess Della Bean, the Sponge Bob jammie queen". :)
 And don't forget the cape! Hello, sweet Audrey sister!
Here's Hazel the birthday girl, being all grown up at gymnastics. ;)
Okay, I really am going this time! I need to catch up on YOUR blogs! Have a blessed week, everyone!


  1. Hi Lisa! Great ATC's! Aw! The girls are growing fast. Hope you get to rest!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hazel. I'm quite sure her gifts will be a big hit.
    I hope things work out just as you want them to in November. Isn't it just fortuitous that your manager is quitting at the end of the year!!! Makes your decision much easier.

  3. hallo, Lisa, I wish you the best for your work to earn the necessary money without too much distress!!

    You have always very nice ideas and a big heart for your lovely big growing sweet family!


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