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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Touring on a narrowboat...

I don't have TV and I don't watch a lot of movies, SO, this is what I do a lot. Want to join me on a narrowboat cruise through the beautiful English countryside? Warning: this is almost an hour long, but you could always watch it a little at a  time. :)
You really get to see a lot of beautiful, lush countryside. You also learn a lot about how locks work. I hope you'll enjoy this along with me!

Nighty-night, everyone!


  1. I am going to save this to watch later. We have locks on our Fox River here and it is very interesting going through them-the raising and lowering of water. I will look forward to taking this narrowboat tour. Hugs- Diana

  2. That was nice, except for the speeded up parts. I loved the slow, peaceful ride down the canals, hearing the birds singing, seeing the wild flowers, the bridges. Thank you for sharing this. It was a nice little get away from every day routine.


  3. I didn't care for the speeded up parts either, and the jarring music that went with them. They could have shortened the industrial bits too, in my opinion, though some people probably like that sort of thing. :) Glad you enjoyed it otherwise!

  4. Oh, Lisa!!! Thank you so much! I've long been intrigued by those narrow boats and canals in England. How I'd love to be on one! When I return from work tonight, I'll watch this. Thanks again!!


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