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Friday, February 24, 2017

Nothing very newsworthy...

But that won't stop me from posting!

I think I've been overdoing the video watching. The days slip by so quickly!

I've been planning a small makeover of my appearance for my son's upcoming wedding. I mean, I can't show up to meet my new daughter-in-law looking like a total frump. So, pretty soon the hair will be getting cut in what my daughter calls a "mom cut". This photo is an example, but I don't labor under any misguided notions that I'll look like this. I'm not sure if I want layers. I'm going to try it just all one length and see how much curl I have. I can always go back and get it layered later.
I'm also playing around with simple makeup. As some may have guessed, I eschewed makeup years ago, mainly for reasons of allergies and expense, but I think I'm open to using a little. I've ordered a couple of products from the BOOM line for older ladies. Expensive, but I'm sure I will use it sparingly and not very often. Should last me a good long time! I'm just getting the Color Stick which can be used for lips, cheeks and eyes and the moisturizer. Remember this gal? I like her ideas about makeup and the older lady. :)

I ordered a dress online. I know; dangerous. We'll see how that goes. It was a very cheap dress, so if it looks very cheap, I'll return it and visit some brick and mortar shops when summery fashions appear. I'm giving myself lots of time. I like to have everything figured out well ahead of time. Can you tell?

In the art area all I've done is a few more drawings...

I think I ended with #13 for my 29 Faces challenge. I'm still behind, but here are numbers 14-21.

 I thought I was missing a face, but then I remembered we were allowed to use animal faces, so I counted this one. :)

 These Food Inchies will be painted for a swap.

 These were for an Owl Inchies swap.
 And then I painted these two to give away in swaps...
Well, it's getting late so I'll wrap this up. Y'all have a great weekend!
Shalom, everyone!


  1. The faces you did this week are awesome, Lisa. I love the one where you showed the photo you sketched from. It looks just like the photo! I love makeup and always have. I look so plain without a little coloring. I only use liquid makeup, lipstick and now because my eyebrows are disappearing with age I use brow pencil. Since I use it sparingly it lasts forever. As for the hair, I have a chin length bob which is undercut. I usually push it behind my ears. All the curl I used to have has gone. People with curls or lots of waves can do so much with their hair. Let your daughter guide you.

  2. Great drawings!

    I have been thinking of layering my long, mostly silver hair. I usually clip up the sides, then braid it. I do not want short hair. I wear a little lipstick, some brow pencil because like your commentor above, my brows are disappearing, and I wear some foundation and a little blush as well.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Lisa, you might want to use those cosmetics with wild abandon. The fewer preservatives, the shorter the lifespan. Generally, cosmetics should be used or throw away within six months; certainly no longer than a year. They tend to gather germs, breed and that's not something one wants on their face, around their orifices.
    Don't ask me how I

  4. great faces!! i love love love that little girl with her face all scrunched up!! adorable! you captured her likeness perfectly!

  5. What to do about hair can be a problem for me. If only I could do a nice braid in the back like my GD does for me when she comes to visit. I'd even settle for a neat bun if I could make one that stayed put for more than an hour.
    I hope you find a dress that you like. It's always good to start looking well in advance.

    Love that # 14 pic with the scrunched up little face. I wonder if one of your grands was the inspiration.

  6. Daughters are just the best for helping their moms. We helped them and now they get to help us. I enjoy that. I think it's wise to cut your hair one length at first and see what it does. I have super curly hair and mine is layered. I need it layered or I would look like a mop-head.

    I like the BOOM make-up too. It's barely there. I have the color and glitter, but I use the color the most. I am a minimalist make-up person. No foundation. Just a little soft eye liner, mascara, and I add color to cheeks and lips and done!

    Good for you looking for a dress ahead of time. I did that too and ended up finding a dress for my daughter's wedding for $20 on clearance! There are so many styles out there, but your daughter will be helpful in that department too, I'll bet!

    Love the Little Scrunchie Face! And your inchies are fun!

  7. Dear Lisa, I see, you have some plans for the wedding - also according your outfit and stile. I'm sure, you will find a very nice and Lisa-authentic form!

    The same thoughts are in my head, too, because my youngest son will marry a French angel in July, 15th. I would like to go there in my stable-clothes, but better I should find something more elegant :)

    Maybe my face is not authentic for make-up, maybe my son would not like to see a strange Dori. :) He knows me too good :) and his angel, too. The most important thing is, that I feel good and happy and somehow blessed and heavenly. This would form my face.

    Your "29 faces" show a big empathy and talent! And a glimpse of humour. I love this!!

    Greetings from the Bavarian Forest!

    1. Dori, you are a woman after my own heart! You are probably right about being myself and having my own face. I want my son to recognize me. I just hoped to smooth things over a bit, ha ha. I must give this some thought. :)

    2. Beautiful Lisa, I also have a small problem with some red spots in my face. Maybe I'll paint it over a little bit :) My lips need a lot of cream against to be too dry. They don't allow me to change my hair, this makes me happy. I love simple life and simple people.
      Greetings with heart from mother to mother :)


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