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Monday, March 6, 2017

A new job!

I have just one more weekend to work at the deli! That will be March 18-19. I just returned from applying for a job at the Badoura Tree Nursery which is run by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. I'm looking forward to no more hair nets and rubber gloves! I can work in old "farm" clothes and enjoy the aroma of soil and evergreens. I'll be working with a friend who used to work in the deli. The job only lasts for a month, but will give my savings a boost and then I'll figure out what to do from there. I plan on this being a yearly event.

The job entails grading the seedlings by size and then packing them for shipment. It's done inside a building on the nursery grounds. We're not doing the stooping and bending of harvesting the trees. It's pretty much standing by a conveyer belt, sometimes with a coat on, because it may be cold/cool in the building. I'm sure it will be a lot like some of the work I've done over the years on our farm. That's why I think I'll like it. It will be a lot of standing, but it's only for a month. It's nice to know you're doing a job that helps people plant trees and make the state more beautiful. :)

Other than that, I'm resting up from a weekend of work. Feels like I might be coming down with something AGAIN. I've been helping with grandbabies a lot, and everyone is taking turns being Oh well. I have two weeks before I have to work again, so I'll just rest and relax. :)

I've been rearranging furniture, trying to make a nice spot to paint on larger canvases. Now that it's kind of ready I just have to figure out what to paint. That's always the difficult part! Here is a smattering of my recent ATC stuff, just so there will be some photos in this post. Ha ha!

I had to apologize to the gal who requested this Wonder Woman ATC, because she's kind of cross-eyed! She said she loved it! It reminds her of her Siamese cat, LOL!

I painted my Food Inchies...

...and these Dinos for the Dinosaur Inchies swap.

Life goes on as per usual. I'm loving my "retirement". I got a gym membership, but I think that's going to be kind of a waste with me being sick so much, lol. But I'm hoping the weather will allow more time outside with prospects of walks. March can be a very snowy month in these parts, so we'll see how that goes.

I hope to check out some blogs today. You all stay warm (or cool, depending on where you live) and I'll see you next time!



  1. exciting about your new job! I hope it is a lovely one! Nice for a month! Hope you feel better real soon! :) God bless!!!

  2. Lisa, Congrats on getting a job you will like. I had a friend that worked deli for a lot of years. She said she never missed it at all once she quit (she thought she would). lol Have fun during your month there and I hope you are feeling better soon. xo Diana

  3. Yay! I hope you feel better soon, Lisa!
    Could you email me your new address? I have books to send you☺️

  4. your new job sounds interesting! can't wait to hear more about it!! any job you can dress that casual is the best!!

  5. That is great news...(the new job) and the fact that you won't have to work at the Deli any more. I do hope you don't actually get sick. A good nights sleep may make a big difference.

  6. lisa, the job sounds like you. From the things I've read on your post in the last couple of years, I'd say this is really up your alley. Loved the inches, but the Wonder Woman with Siamese cat eyes made me smile. She's beautiful.

  7. Enjoy that new farmy-job. Sounds like something a country woman would like. Your inchies are fun.

  8. I am thrilled for you! That deli job has gone on long enough - we can say that now, right, now that it will soon be a thing of the past? :-) The farmy job will be better, even if it is temporary. God bless you, Lisa!

  9. Halo, Lisa, it#s a wonderful adventure to paint on larger canvases.

    I love your sentence:
    " It's nice to know you're doing a job that helps people plant trees and make the state more beautiful."

    This will give you the right energy for this new experience.

    You always do things making your country better, even when you rest!
    Love and hugs from your sister in Christ, greetings from "wild forests" from Dori

  10. The new job sounds more down your alley. I think you will really enjoy being around the plants since a lot of your posts have to do with nature and your love of living things.

  11. Lisa, congrats on your job change. One sentence here tells it ALL -- that you had to "rest up" for your weekend of work. When you need to rest up to prep for work, that means you need a different job. I'm there myself.


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