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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quick update...

Thanks so much, everyone, for your prayers and sympathy! God is good and changes are coming about.

My son, Josh, is recovering. The virus he has makes it difficult to keep food down, but he says he's praying for healing and an appetite for Power-ade. His Facebook posts show that his sense of humor is still going strong!

My building manager said that an exterminator will be coming on Monday to do an inspection and decide how to handle the bedbugs. I'm thinking of asking my landlord for reimbursement for the time that my apartment was uninhabitable. Everyone else in the building is staying in their apartments, so I must be the only one having an allergic reaction to them. Still, even without the allergy, people shouldn't have to live in infested apartments. So, it looks like I'll be camping with my kids for a while longer. We're managing pretty well and I'm trying to be helpful. :)

My son-in-law just learned of an interesting job opportunity today, and he is planning to look into it. It would be working at a place that constructs prefab houses and they also build log houses, so he might get an opportunity to do some stone masonry on some of those projects. It is close to his present pay and good benefits. He should be able to advance quickly. God is opening doors to better things!

Thanks again for your prayers!
Shalom to all!


  1. It looks like some solutions are coming about. Seems to me you should get reimbursed because you will have been out of your place 3 weeks or more by the time the exterminator does his job. I'm sure the grands just love having you right there and will be sad when you leave.

  2. I surely hope he would reimburse you!! Your apartment is not habitable.

  3. Great to hear these bits of news.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. I was excited to get to visit with you today, Lisa, hoping you had a solution to the bedbugs. Your landlord is responsible for getting rid of them and you should get a reimbursement for sure. Living with bedbugs means that every time that person goes out, they are probably carrying the bugs or larva to infest restaurant seats, buses, stores, etc. I had a landlord once who "fixed" my leaking faucet by turning the valve off so no water came out! Sounds like he and your landlord are cut from the same cloth!

  5. Will certainly keep you in my prayers, Lisa...and your son, too. xo Diana

  6. What good news! This makes my faith stronger! Thank you for this update. This makes my Sunday! God bless you and your beloved!

  7. Lisa, you shouldn't have to pay ANY rent while you can't live in your apartment. Further, the building owner/manager has insurance for such occurences...he should pay for any doctor's bills as well.
    AND, you should NOT stay in the building/apartment while they spray insecticides nor for a few days after.
    WHO is going to pay for clean-up? Again, building manager should be doing all this.
    Once, I took a building owner/manager to small claims court because the heating furnace broke during winter and they didn't fix for the 3 months of winter. Fortunately, the judge found in my favor and I didn't pay rent for those 3 months. The other building occupants did and were upset when they found out I didn't. On the other hand, they didn't want to go through the trouble...duh.
    Bedbugs are horrid and it's crazy they infested the building! UGH!

  8. That's a good prospect for Adam! I hope you're back home soon, but so glad you have a place to stay.


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