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Monday, March 27, 2017

No rent refund...

Sorry, I should just keep this to myself, but I'm so angry!

My landlord says that to be "uninhabitable" there has to be storm, fire or earthquake damage. He apologized for the one day of inconvenience next Thursday when the exterminator comes. I informed him that I've already been living with my daughter for 7 days because I couldn't endure the bug bites, which I'm allergic to. I told him I call that uninhabitable, and I'm paying for an apartment I can't live in. I think he's going to slither out of this.

Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving. You guys are swell!

I hope to get my "shalom" back. I'm letting this get to me too much.
Love y'all! :)

Wish I knew who painted this. Can't read the signature! :)


  1. I'm thinking more like attorney! I went through difficulty with a landlord back in 2007, when after several years of complaining of leaking AC unit, mickey-mouse repairs and a weird sound when it rained hard like water inbetween the walls, my roomie & I were found to have SEVERE black mold problem in our apartment. Which we found out OURSELVES because we called the county to have a test done on mold we found under AC unit. We were told to VACATE immediately. We didn't ask for any compensation from Landlord, we just asked (after the county went to the LL office and told them it was dangerous for us to be in apartment) them to relocate us to one of the VACANT apartments in the complex. THEY REFUSED. We were within 3 months of our lease expiring, and we actually lived our complex but certainly not the complex ownership! We ended up staying in a motel for a 10 days, which we couldn't really afford, and went looking for a new place to live ASAP. We moved on Aug 31st but we had no choice but to 'camp' at the nasty apartment for 3 weeks because we needed our cash for security/1st months rent. Now we had lived at this moldy apartment for TEN YEARS. Never, ever late with rent, quiet and kept a clean apartment and we were treated like it was our fault the apartment leaked between walls / at AC unit(even though we had complained for several years of something not being quite right). We should have gotten legal help; we had some medical issues and my roomie swears my thyroid difficulities I developed (which now we know started the last year we were in apartment) came from the mold. Check to see if there is anything the county can do to force the Landlord's hand or consult an attorney!!!

  2. Have you researched the local laws or regulations? Is there a Seniors Ombudsman in your neck of the woods? I hope at the least that the extermination actually works!

  3. I wonder if things are different in the U.S. because here there are organizations that will go to bat for you. That being said my GD's apartment complex is badly run and the latest thing is no light in the stairwell because " the maintenance man doesn't have a long enough ladder to reach and change the light bulbs." There is a shortage of rental spaces so no one wants to complain too much. It's sad.

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  5. Hallo, dear Lisa, I'm sorry about this miss-dialogue with the landlord. But I#m sure that you will get back your heart-peace and your big shalom, because you are a blessing and used to world's difficulties. Your peace is bigger than the troubles!

    Deer greetings and blessings from Bavaria-Dori


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