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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life is being crazy...

So much uproar in our lives right now, but the Lord knows how to lead us, and craziness can sometimes lead to great adventures!

First of all, I've spent the last couple of nights at my daughter Micah's house, along with her hubby Adam and the four grandkids. They live in a single-wide trailer house, so things are cozy and boisterous to say the least! I will be staying as long as necessary until my landlord does a thorough job of ridding my apartment building of bedbugs. Yes, they're back again! The last invasion was in November and I believe only my apartment was treated at that time. This time around they checked everyone's apartments and found at least two that were so heavily infested that the pest control guy didn't even want to enter them! This is a one hundred year old building so it will take some doing to kill off all of the little boogers. Finally, they should be using a heat treatment, which is much more effective than just pesticides. It will be two weeks ago on Friday that I got bitten for the first time. I was  hoping it was just a random spider bite, but more followed. I'm allergic to these little beasts and after receiving 25 or so bites I couldn't hang around. I felt kind of sick for some days, but now the itching is finally fading away and I'm much better. If I didn't like my Nevis location so much I might go in search of another place to live, but I want to be close to Micah and the family. Hopefully things will be taken care of soon. Hazel and Audrey are sharing the top bunk in their bedroom and I'm sleeping on the bottom one. It's working well, and I'm able to visit with Micah and help her with the kids a bit. Tonight they've all gone to AWANA and I stayed home to relax and rest up from all of the exuberance, lol.

In other news, I heard that my son Josh was in the hospital receiving IVs and getting x-rays. Apparently he's been battling one of the tough bugs that have been sweeping across the country. He got sick yesterday while getting out of his car and passed out, face-first on the driveway. He received some bruises and abrasions to his head, but he is okay. They've kept him in the hospital to rehydrate him. He's been working a full-time job and doing school more than full-time, finishing up his masters and doing an accounting course at the same time. I think he's getting run down. Hopefully he will take this as a sign that he needs to look after himself better. He's trying so hard to take care of his family.

Thirdly, my son-in-law, Adam, has been having problems with his boss not getting tax documents to his employees. The boss hasn't been taking care of book work and paychecks as he ought to and after a couple of months of promising to fix things and get the proper W2's to everyone, he still hasn't come through. Besides that paychecks sometimes won't cash the first time through. My son-in-law is at the point of walking out and finding new work. This is a big step for a family with four little ones, but he seriously doesn't think he can continue under the present conditions. This employer has a long history of doing business this way. I'm not sure if he's just irresponsible, lazy...or what. If you met him you would think he was just the nicest Christian man, but the way he treats his workers is terrible. And my son-in-law works very hard as a stone mason. Adam is visiting with an accountant and some family members who might be able to help him decide how to move on from here.

So, we're dealing with things one day at a time, and I'm so glad the Lord is with us no matter where we go.

On a lighter note I wanted to show off my new coffee maker. My Keurig expired a while back, and to tell you the truth, I never drink more than one cup of coffee per day. So, I bought a pack of small coffee filters and found that they fit perfectly in this vintage flour sifter, which in turn fit perfectly in one of my mugs. Voila! Pour hot water onto the coffee grounds and it makes a pretty fine cup o' joe! I had been thinking of buying a Melitta one cup coffee maker, but, heck, this was a lot cheaper! :)
Below is my latest 5"x7" canvas for the March Canvas swap. The gal I painted it for loves Irish Wolfhounds, so I tried to make  something with some Irish flavor. It arrived on her doorstep on St. Patrick's Day!

Well, the troops will be back from AWANA soon. I'd sure appreciate any prayers for my kids! Thanks in advance! You folks are the best! :)

Love and shalom to all! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my, Lisa, things really have been brewing out your way. I'm glad you could go stay with your daughter even if it is close quarters. Better to get rid of the "beasties" once and for all so you can move back and be pest-free.
    I hope your son will be okay and your son-in-law can get his work problem sorted one way or another.
    What a great idea you had to create a coffee maker. Very cost efficient too.
    I met a person walking what I thought was an Irish Wolfhound just last week but this one was very long haired so maybe it wasn't one. It looked rather unkempt to me.
    Take care of yourself. Can't have you getting sick too!!

  2. May you and your family feel God's peace and healing presence surrounding you and flowing through you at this time. May the bedbugs soon be a thing of the past, never to return.

    Your DIY coffee maker is great! I did buy a small Melitta coffee maker and it is just right for my two cups in the morning. I did buy one of those reusable coffee filters instead of buying the paper ones. Works GREAT.

    God's continued blessings on you and your family. All will work out for good and God's glory and honor.


  3. I was wondering about the bedbugs! Yikes! Hopefully they'll be completely eradicated!

  4. now that coffee pot is about the best I have seen! well done, great ingenuity! Oh dear, more bed bugs, so so sorry!!! Sounds like they should use heat method for sure. Hope that clarity comes to what/where you should be doing/living. I will light lampadas for your kids. It sure is not easy. Sounds like your 1 son is working about 2x or 3x as hard as most, Lord have mercy on him! so many hard decisions and situations! Lord help us and have mercy!

  5. Oh gosh, I've not ever been through a bedbug epidemic. I hope they get them to flee and fast! Sounds like life is full for you and yours. God Loves You!

  6. Much love and many, many prayers from here x You are very resourceful, Lisa- and not just re the coffee solution! At the minute our refrain is from a song that goes at one pint, "Our God is greater". Praying that you will all see God move greatly soon.

  7. ps I do muchly approve of the Irish picture!

  8. dear Lisa, what do I hear here! Bugs and bad boss and hospital - a lot of distress1 So fine you find a place at your dear family Adam an micha and children. A big and blessing blessed LOVE between you and them! I think it's very terrible to have bugs in the bed! hope everything will go on better soon, special hope for Adam's work,. I know "Christians", who are cold and without empathy.
    Love and prayers from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

    Great painting with the Wolfhound!

  9. Oh, Lisa - I'm sorry for these troubles! I'm just catching up on some blogs, and this is your "oldest" post, so I'm hoping as I read along, I'll discover that things improve. May God give you peace and patience through it all!


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