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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Plant talk and a graduation...

Well, after taking a walk on the trail yesterday and inspecting some of the plants along the way I'm beginning to think that this plant could be a hazelnut bush. We have lots of them around here, and most likely a bird deposited a seed or something of that sort.
 Jody suggested that the plant below might be poison sumac, but after Googling for info I'm thinking the leaves are not right for that. Also, the information on Google said that poison sumac is usually found in the eastern U.S. in swampy areas. They probably don't grow here in our northern climes with sandy soil. That's good to hear since I've made "lemonade" from the seed heads of the local sumacs and have waded through large patches of them for years! I'm getting more and more curious about this little plant, so I'll continue the hunt for it's identification.
My little granddaughter, Audrey, graduated from kindergarten yesterday!

 Here she is, second from the right, getting into the choreographed version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. They did a mini-concert and had the whole pomp and circumstance thing when they walked in and out.
 Shaking Mr. Durham's hand and receiving her certificate.
 The names of all of her classmates. Some are quite unusual. Their cute little caps are made of felt. A fun little memento of their graduation.
 Audrey and Mr. Durham, her teacher. He's been a kindergarten teacher here for many years. He's also a fishing guide during the summer. His truck and fishing boat are parked outside the school, so I guess he goes fishing right after school is out! :) She was so blessed to have him for her first teacher. He made it a really fun year for her and the whole class.
 Adele is admiring Audrey's bouquet. There's a little wooden bumblebee in there. :)

Today is Field Day at school. Micah and Sully will go and watch Audrey do that while I watch Adele and Hazel at home. They made things a little too exciting at graduation yesterday, so I thought Micah might enjoy Field Day more if we didn't have to chase those two all over creation. Ha!

My little resort is filling up with RV's! Someone else moved in last evening. So far they haven't taken my parking space, but it could happen. Below I've taken pictures out my front door to give you an idea of how close the RVs are to me.

These first two have been here a couple of weeks. They are owned by two older gentlemen who seem to show up during the week with their fishing boat. I think they prefer to avoid the weekend crowds on the lake. They fish all day and come home as it's getting dark. They are very quiet neighbors and I'm thankful for that! (I'm taking a 180* view of my yard. Keep an eye on the propane tank as a point of reference, lol.)

 Behind those trees is a third RV that just moved in last night.
 Behind the trees you can see the car that goes with that RV, and then that's my car on the right. That open space where I'm parked is actually another RV spot, or maybe even two. If those fill up I'll have to park elsewhere. I'm hoping the one closest to me stays open, but if they fill it, they fill it. I'll then be looking right at an RV out my kitchen window! Fortunately, my little "living room" couch is situated in such a way that I feel like I have privacy when I'm tucked in there with a book or my laptop. I guess they won't have any more privacy than I will. That's resort life for ya!

 My flowerbed. It's hard to tell there's anything there. It will take a few days of sun and heat to get things going. Come on summer! Way at the other end are two tomato plants and my summer squash is around the corner at the end of the trailer. See the little red reflectors by my car? That's the water hookup for an RV. Yup...that close.

Anyway, I plan to happily coexist with whatever neighbors show up. If I really feel the need for some private outside time I'll go over to Micah's with my lawn chair. :)

Here's step two of this little painting (6"x6"). There will be many more layers added before it's done, but I thought I would keep a photo record of each layer. If it turns out okay I may want to replicate it in the future. I'm thinking about an Etsy shop or something of that sort if I get a collection of paintings to sell. That's way in the future! Right now I'm not even sure how to proceed on this first painting. Ha ha! My idea is to make a series of wildlife paintings which would look cute on the walls of a lake/resort cabin.

Chasin' the dream! Hope you are, too!
Everyone have a great day full of the shalom of Jesus!


  1. Well, I love the beginnings of your painting.
    I think you have a very generous attitude regarding the RVs.
    Yay for Audrey!

  2. Oh I think it's wonderful to have a dream at all! Most days here it's just as you say, chasing them over all creation- though mine are bigger than A and smaller than yours! I did laugh when you talked at first about birds dropping seed- last day of exams tomorrow and I was testing Jo on animal dispersal of seeds! I can't wait for tomorrow- if they don't burn their revision notes, I might- well, I would if i didn't know it's all coming up again next year!

    I do hope those RVs will be kind neighbours- quiet and invisible, except for the hunking visibility!

  3. Dear plant-hunter. I also believe, that the first plant is a hazelnut. The second one I do not know, but you will find out, I think!

    What a funny and nice idea to make some graduation for having finished kindergarden. Audrey looks so happy and beautiful, and very close to her mother. I can imagine her as making her doctor's graduation!

    I like your new home between the trees and like a pilgrimage. Some changes I think, are like changing weather :) I hope always for good neighbours, why shouldn't they not be nice, maybe some new friends?

    The beginning of Your new painting is splendid!

  4. Oh my!! Audrey looks so grown up in her adorable dress.
    The RVs that you've shown certainly are big. And the spots seem close together. I smiled when I read that if you needed privacy you could always go to Micah's place. As if the grands would let you have peace and privacy!!
    You wondered if the book Exiles from the War was about British children coming to Canada during WWII and I believe it is. It's written in diary form by a fictional young girl from Ontario. Unfortunately I doubt you'll find this book in an American library. But then again, who knows.
    A book along the same lines but non-fiction is one I own and it's by Geoffrey Bilson who has gathered parts of actual letters and memories of the evacuated children.
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  5. I also think you have a hazelnut and I believe the second plant is called Astilbe. Some of the different color blooms are white,pink or red. Google for more colors and bloom time. Hope this helps. Beautiful grandkids. Enjoy your blog very much.

  6. well, it could be nice to have seasons there, neighbours nearby season and quiet season! both may be good and maybe you will meet some nice people! I loved camping when I was a girl! :) God bless!!! and those graduation pictures are so sweet! God bless your little grands!

  7. I think your granddaughter looks so sweet! I hope you figure out your plant and tell us what it is finally. Sometimes RVers are very friendly folks. I hope you still are able to have a wee bit of privacy.

  8. Great start on your painting, Lisa. Your post is just chock full of nature. Love all the beautiful photos. Have a happy and safe weekend.

  9. I have no opinions about your plant question because we've had the same one here -- confusing a berry plant with some weed that's growing in the garden. I think I figured it out at last, but it's hard to say. Congrats to your adorable grandgirl on her graduation!
    You are living quite close, but it's just for the summer months, right? You can "enjoy" the company and feeling of community for part of the year, and enjoy the quiet solitude in the winter. My parents home in the NC mtns. was much like that too. There were benefits both times of year. I do hope you don't get an RV right by your flower bed, though! That's a bit close!


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