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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spinning my wheels?

Do you ever feel like you keep starting new things, but never finish the old ones? Yep, that's me!

Elizabeth, you mentioned looking forward to seeing what I would put on that big canvas. Well, guess what! I quietly put it away and started yet another one. Smaller this time. (6"x6") Like that will make it easier to come up with a subject, lol. Actually, I do have an idea. We'll see if it gets done any time soon.
I have done some line drawings for an inchie swap. The theme is "Teapots". One reason I continue doing ATC swaps is that I feel like I'm committed, so I actually get something done! I love little cottage-shaped teapots!

I've been having online challenges. My rent supposedly includes wifi, which floats through the air from my landlord's house next door. The problem is it's kind of intermittent. Sometimes I get a fairly strong signal and other times it fades out so my pages won't load. Is there some type of booster I can get? I hope so, because I think I'm paying a lot of rent and reliable internet should be included.

Another challenge is my Microsoft Word Starter program. I decided to try my  hand at doing some online proofreading through Well, my little word processing program isn't going to cut it. I haven't actually used a word processor to do proofreading since college seven years ago. I'll have to learn how to do it all over again. There are tons of "free downloads" available, but who can you trust?

Speaking of college. One of my favorite texts was "Blue Zones" which we read for sociology. This video/article mentions some of the research for the book, and it makes me want to live on this heavenly island. Have any of you seen this already?
The Island Where People Forget to Die

We've been having quite a string of cold, rainy days. I hope my little plants don't give up and think winter is back! So far they're hanging in there, but I'm hoping it won't be too long before we get some more sunshine and warmth.

It's knittin' weather! Nope. I'd better stick with painting.
Shalom, all!


  1. I sure hope you get that sunshine soon! And, that you get the Wifi thing sorted.
    The teapot sketches are cute. Once upon a time I had a small collection of that kind of teapots. They ended up in my garden then some broke and that was that.

  2. That's a nice canvas too! What an intresting article! I think the whole, including church, is significant here! Have fun doing your art! ♡

  3. Hope sunshine will show you the full joy of your new home! Hope, PC-problems can be solved!


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