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Thursday, April 12, 2018

A little more snow...

Someone posted this photo on Facebook today and I thought it was pretty accurate. We still have snow on the ground and people are driving through town towing their huge trailers behind them. Optimists...
I'm feeling pretty good. I went to my new doctor on Tuesday. The only symptoms I had left over were a queasy stomach and some acid reflux sort of stuff. He just recommended a Prilosec generic, which I took yesterday and discontinued today since I'm feeling okay and I don't like to "take stuff". Anyway, hopefully you won't have to listen to my whining on that subject for a while!

I've finished up the ATCs that I had sketched out in my last post. This was a Pick-a-Theme, so everyone asked for a particular subject for their card. A couple of them wanted their designs zentangled.

Otherwise, I've been doing some reading. I just finished The Artisan Soul and began reading G.K. Chesterton's Autobiography. It's challenging. He's verbose, so I do a lot of backtracking to figure out what he's saying, lol. But it's worth it. I loved what he said about his dad. He, apparently, had a vast number of hobbies. His study was full of piles and stacks of the paraphernalia needed for his hobbies. G.K. said his dad sold houses for a living "but filled his own house with his life". G.K. was a great advocate of hobbies as an outlet for expressing our inner life. Time magazine said of Chesterton: "Whenever possible Chesterton made his points with popular sayings, proverbs, allegories—first carefully turning them inside out." Oh, so THAT'S why I'm finding it a challenge to read! :) I have the Kindle version and I'm glad I bought it earlier. It looks like it's $9.99 now! I'm sure I probably got it for free or less than a dollar back in the day.

I did this little 5x7 canvas for a gal at the ATC site. She was asking people to make sunflower art for her mom's birthday and she would trade us something back. She's going to make me a couple of ATCs in return. Not the most exciting painting, but I tried! (I really did!)
I just baked up a couple of huge sweet potatoes, so I'll have some for now and freeze some for later. Love them sweet 'taters!

My son-in-law, Adam, and his masonry co-worker, Jordan (not my son), just set out to start their own stone masonry business. It will actually be Jordan's business with Adam working for him. It was a leap of faith, and I've been much in prayer. Now they have several people lined up wanting them to do work. Hallelujah! They're excited to start this new enterprise. They are hard workers and do a great job, so I think they will be much in demand. God is blessing them!

Well, I'm going to make a jaunt to the post office. Thanks for coming by to visit. I hope you are all well, and I'll check up on everyone's blogs when I return.

God bless you all, and shalom!


  1. Sweet potatoes are so good for you. I've never tried freezing them but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
    Glad to hear you're almost all better.

  2. Some wonderful art, Lisa, especially the sunflower painting. The illuminated letter painting is really fine artwork, not really a doodle. We did some in college art class 101. Also that's a darling mermaid!

  3. Hallo, dear Lisa, in this moment my husband saw this car with the snow-shovel and said: OH! Very funny!"

    Fine new acts! The bee has such rich ornaments, I like it very much!

    Respect and blessings and good luck to Adam and Jordan! God loves your prayers!

    Fine,that you feel better now again! Good eating is important!

  4. I do hope their new business goes really well. It's not easy starting a new business. I know you're proud of them. Glad you are feeling better. I like these ATCs very much, esp. the honeybee. He's cute :)

  5. I always enjoy looking at your ATC's.
    Sunflowers = pretty!
    I'm glad you are feeling better!

  6. I think I started twice to read GKC's autobiography and could not get into it? It so surprised me... But I still have it on the shelf, and your engagement with the book is encouraging me to not give up altogether.

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