Friday, November 13, 2020

Happy birthday to me!

 Woo hoo! 64!

I saw the neighbor's dogs watching something intently, and when I checked out the window I saw a troupe of grandchildren marching toward my house! It was 9 a.m., so kind of a surprise for my birthday.

Actually, I had forgotten it was the big day. They came bearing donut holes!

Oh, and birthday cards!

I hadn't really intended to create a post this morning, but just had to share my grandkid's sweet little birthday surprise. But as long as I'm here I'll attach the rest of my "Twelve Days of Christmas" ATCs. (The first 6 were in my last post.) Yeah, that's me milking the cow...

Backwoods selfie. Wish I could have figured out how to delete this, lol! Hope you love my lounging clothes.
Backwoods pour over. :)

It's a sunny, cold day today. I may do some card making and stay indoors a lot. During hunting season I don't like to walk along the roads. I need to get a blaze orange jacket! I've been watching a lot of "politics and religion" videos lately. Maybe I'll do a little more artsy stuff today. 

I discovered yesterday that my brother, James, who lives in Montana, has started a YouTube channel where he has little Bible studies. If you're curious, his channel is called "Talking About Jesus with James and Charla". It's fun to be able to keep tabs on family!

And now, a colorful creation to send you on your way. (By Audrey)

Shalom for now!


  1. How sweet!! Happy birthday 🥰❤

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa!! Your grandkids had the right idea when they came over and started your day with sweet wishes. The cards they made for you touch my heart.
    I like the selfie and your clothes look fine ( and so comfortable) It's sort of a nasty day here and I'm hoping the power doesn't go out because I'm baking.


    !! What a morning with this beautiful nice surprise from the children! They look so dear! Sweet fair children, a big, a great gem! And cards they also made for you! I love the new selfie. You look so content and good. Congratulations to this fine new post with joy and LOVE !!!

    Best greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest!

    Yes, a light orange jacket would be good to be recognized by the hunter.

    Audrew is an artist like her Grandma! Splendid colours!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! How cute that the kids gave you such a good happy birthday! I tried to put a post on Facebook, but I kept getting a weird screen, so do know that I thought about you!

  5. A VERY belated Happy Birthday! I love your Twelve Days of Christmas so much. I am going to save them in my Christmas Screensaver Collection :-)

    May God bless your upcoming year, Thanksgiving Baby!

  6. But... I don't see the other 6 Twelve Days ATC's. Are you sure you posted them?


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