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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I learned something new...

I created a handmade birthday card for my son Josh's 27th birthday. Several years ago he bemoaned the fact that nobody writes their own cards any more. He doesn't like "store-bought" sentiments. So, I made a card with a picture of himself at three years of age. I added ink and watercolor details. The new thing I learned is that you have to do the watercolor FIRST and the ink LAST or you get a smudged mess! Do you believe I didn't KNOW that? Hey, I'm a beginner! I thought the ink was waterproof. Oh well, live and learn. My ignorance didn't harm the card very much. I just wanted Josh to know that he's worth the effort of making a card just for him, and I thought his wife and little son would enjoy the picture.

I've been having fun today sketching pictures from Pom Pom's last blog post. I'll send her a copy of my sketches to use as a coloring page. She can color it her way; I'll color it my way and maybe we can both post our results and see how different they are. Interesting!

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  1. Hello sweet friend! Did you get my package? I was worried about the postage as I was in a bit of a rush. I am about to color in and I must say you did a fantastic job sketching Pom Pom images! When do you start back to school? How's the granddaughter?


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