Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New sketchies...

See, I really am doing SOME drawing! These are on watercolor paper, so now I have no excuse not to try my paints.
A little voice keeps piping up in my mind wanting me to justify time spent drawing. "But what will you USE it for?" I try to reply (silently, of course) that I'll just keep practicing and worry about crossing that bridge when I get to it. Hee, hee...I believe I found this on the Old Book Art link in my right hand blog column. It will be very colorful when I'm finished. (hope, hope)
This little girl is from a Freya Blackwood illustration. Oh yeah, I checked her out! ;) I like her very much!

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  1. Love the toadstools! They will be fun to paint. I love Freya's work. I have a book called The Impressionists (did I tell you that, Lisa?) and the tiny art is so appealing. Love the mice on your header. You've inspired me to dig through the kids books today!


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