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Monday, July 11, 2011

Pom Pom and Debbie...

Pom Pom, I put a letter in the mail yesterday. About time!! :D Hope you enjoy! (You'll find a little Van Gogh influence in it, hee, hee!)

Debbie, glad you got to order your very own English Cottage cup! Remember they are made by a Japanese company. I think the artwork reflects an Asian influence. See if you agree with me when you get it. Kind of different!

My projects for today include adding some pen outlines to my little Freya Blackwood girl. I'll probably try some shading with pen, also. I've got to take some chances in order to learn what works! I had some little smeary problems on her face. Oh well!

Another picture I'm working on is based on the English cottage below. I'm trying to rein myself in and take my time instead of getting rushed and trying to do it all in one day. What's the hurry? This is fun time! :D
I know, my stone walls are too dark. When I try to correct it with watercolors it just blends together. Maybe some colored pencils after it dries? Experimentation is fun!

I checked out five interesting books at the library. I'm looking for more drawing inspiration and I think I'll find plenty here. The books are:
I'd Rather Be In the Studio by Alyson B. Stanfield
Inside the Painter's Studio by Joe Fig
Mexican Churches by Eliot Porter
Garden Patterns and Mosaics by Clare Mathews and
Crazy Quilts by Cindy Brick, which I've mentioned before.

I'd Rather Be in the Studio is subtitled The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. It's more for people wanting to be professional and find ways to promote their work, so I'm not sure if it will be very engrossing. Inside the Painter's Studio looks really interesting. It's a compilation of interviews with artists and shows lots of pictures of their studios and they ask lots of questions about how they work, etc.

Yesterday I did these exercises intended to give one practice in creating various tones and textures. You're supposed to do them quickly. I just love the feel of the pen on paper!

Thanks for visiting, gals!

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  1. Hello Lisa, thanks for visiting me. I can't see anywhere here to link me as a follower but will visit again. I think your cottage looks promising and I found the toadstools you had done - they are beautiful. Bettyx


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