Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Rainbow Willow...

Just felt like painting a willow tree. I've always loved willows and I wondered what it would look like for a willow tree to have rainbow colored branches.

I began by just swishing some rainbow colored strokes onto my paper. I wanted the branches to look windswept. Then I added the trunk and decided to put it on a river bank complete with a muskrat hole.

I liked this a lot, but after adding some ink to the trunk and grass I felt like the branches needed some leaves. So, I've begun adding some leaves. This may take a while, and it's getting late, so I'm showing my partially finished version.

It's been fun to do a little "inking" tonight. Capturing our dreams on paper...what could be more fun?

Shalom for tonight!


  1. VERY pretty! I love your willow rainbow tree. Brilliant!

  2. Hello Lisa . . . Your willow tree is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing it finished. When I was a child we use to go under the long willowy branches and create a play house. I have not thought about that in so very many years. Thanks for sparking an old memory. I am very pleased that you like my water bottle bags. I got the idea, when visiting a gift shop,when we were on vacation in Florida. Have a lovely week, Connie :)


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