Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I've been having some casual, non-challenge-related fun with my cheap acrylic paints!  Do you love the plastic coleslaw container on the upper left corner of my desk? It's great for holding my tubes of watercolor and bottles of acrylics! I've gessoed the top and I'll be thinking of something to paint on it. :D  Note that my basket of watercolor boxes has been relegated to a spot on the floor. Hey, space is at a premium around here!

My Scripture journal got a two page spread decorated with some lovely shades of green, yellow, lavender and peach. I added a little "gouache wash" to the music on the left. I'll do the same on the right one.

 The left over paint on my palette was used to smear a little paint on a page of my Pen and Ink journal. I'll draw something in pen over that at some point in time.

 I'm loving acrylics. So different from watercolors. Imagine being able to actually paint one color over another! (I have used acrylics before...MANY years ago. But that was for painting wood craft objects, not for painting on paper.)

Here's what's on my slant-top desk. I haven't drawn anything in this sketchbook since the 29 Faces Challenge ended, so I just display something I like here on the desk. As you can see, I'm re-reading "The Screwtape Letters". I think I missed a lot the first time!

Like I said, just casual painting fun, which is nice after so many challenge deadlines.

We've been enjoying watching endless reruns of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! She's quite a lady and I admire her a lot. Were any of you in the crowd around the festivities? Hope all of you in England had fun with that!

I'm off to visit desks! If you would like to see some fascinating desks around the world go to Julia's Stamping Ground and visit the zanyness! (Zaniness? Zaneyness?)



  1. Lisa, acrylics are SO much fun. I don't paint, but I make backgrounds for my AB pages using them. I love watercolors, but they bleed. They can be fun if they bleed in the right places. Again, just for backgrounds, since I'm not an "artist."

    Thanks for the early visit. I like it when I can take time to read every word (grin).

  2. I've always loved both water colors and acrylics, hate oils though, lol I'm too impatient, which means I'm not the greatest artist since I have a tendancy to want it be now! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Love that zentangle on your header. Have with with the acrylics.
    Judy #26

  4. Fabulous desk and lovely art work. Something I wish I was good at. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita 17 xxx

  5. Lots going on your fab desk... I love your pages Beautiful creations.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#34

  6. Hiya, happy WOYWW to you. Hope you have a good old creative week. Thanks for the peek into your world. Lots going on.
    Neil #44

  7. sounds like pure fun and crafting heaven for you with the paints,sometimes its nice just to play
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  8. Loving your zentangle canvas. I love acrylics too but am not a painter, alas, only use them to cover things up! Your pages are lovely too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  9. It was a fantastic weekend of celebrations but I watched from my sofa! I did visit London on the Friday before it all 'kicked off' though, to see the preparations under way! Love your creations here today, I have done hardly anything all week!
    Helen, 16

  10. I much prefer acrylics to watercolours.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #60

  11. great looking desk and journal pages! Hey I think the coleslaw container is awesome! I love to repurpose items whenever I can. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #51

  12. Love that desk! Great things happening and I am glad you love acrylics - I used to do a lot with them but don't do much now. Look forward to seeing what you do with the container - hope you blog it.
    Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Neet #6 xx

  13. I know what you mean about acrylics...I love the whole,"paint over any mistakes" quality they have, too! Lots of hidden layers under most of my paintings...heehee!

    I always love peeking in at someone's work space. I may need to join in at least once when I get back :)

    So glad you're having fun!

  14. gotta love acrylics! but i do keep my watercolors at grabbing distance, lol.
    have a happy painty week,
    france #71 xx

  15. It may be at a premium, but your space is so well used...I love the slant front desk..have I said that before?! Lovely colours going on in your journals, I'm with you on the acrylics..feels like you can't make a mistake with them, huh!

  16. Loving the slant top desk! Was glued to the tv, loved every minute of the Jubilee celebrations. Wish I could've been there in person. Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

  17. I too love the slant top desk! I love your art work! Gorgeous creations.
    Glenda #85

  18. I like the fact that you've got somewhere to display your artwork! How many of us create something that we like and then never put it anywhere to appreciate it! I definitely prefer acrylics to watercolours, never got the hang of the wishy washy style of art, I'm rather more bold :D
    Hugs, LLJ #70- xx

  19. Hi Lisa,

    Lots of fun things to look at. I have a nice collection of acrylics (the cheap ones from Hobby Lobby) and I love them. Watercolors are so different; I don't have hardly any experience with them but I need to jump in.

    That zentangle is amazing!!! I can see why you leave your book open to it.

    Happy WOYWW

  20. Fabulous journal, thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW!

  21. Beautiful journals! I use acrylics quite a bit on gourds... I usually use Dr. Ph. Martins Water Colors as a stain. Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #93

  22. That zentangle is fabulous, I don't have the patience for that amount of detail. Acrylics are the best to paint with, as you can cover so many mistakes. I always make a splodgy bit when I use watercolours. Love the mix of colours you are using in your book.
    Have a great week.
    Von #1

  23. Love your slanted desk :) And the screwtape letters is a really awesome book!

    Katie (19)

  24. Happy WOYWW! I love your inexpensive holder :) It makes me happy that I am not the only one recycling things and using what I your scripture journal is gorgeous!

  25. Yay for recycling old pots. I use Marmite jars for my pens and smaller paint brushes :D

    Your journals are so pretty - I've just picked up a cheap box of gouache to try out.

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

    Carmen #109

  26. I love acrylics, too, Lisa, and especially the gel mediums. Great journal pages. And as for your zengangle art - its nothing short of gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Love it!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #89


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