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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Returning to an old love...Jerusalem...

I've been in love with Jerusalem since I discovered her at about age 16. This was when I came to know the Lord. Well, at least, when I began to know the Lord. It's a lifelong and eternal process, I know now! :) I began studying the history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel at that time (beginning in 1973 or so) and I've always loved pictures of Jerusalem. Someday I'll go there, but for now I'll try to draw some of the beautiful stones of the city. I got a little frustrated trying to represent all of those stones, lol! Anyone got any advice on how to do that? Anyway, here is this mornings' attempt.

I've been taking a lot of notes for my scripture journal. I want to write some thoughts about death and eternal life since the passing of little Gabriel. I know that if we belong to God and have accepted Jesus's atoning sacrifice on our behalf, we are safe in His hands. Satan may kill our bodies, but he cannot touch our spirit. I know Gabriel is safe. I'd like to capture these thoughts in my journal.

Have a blessed day and a great weekend!


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