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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grape leaves...

There is a beautiful wild grapevine in our pasture. I just noticed yesterday that it had grown to huge proportions, climbing over the tops of the wild plum bushes. I decided to borrow a short bit of vine and see what I could do with the leaves.

I painted these two pages of my scripture journal with a light wash of violet and added a border of green.

Then I took two of the smaller grape leaves and Mod Podged them to the upper left and lower right of the two page spread. I didn't dry them or press them. I just smeared Mod Podge on the bottom and then a generous layer over the top. I wondered what would happen. I figured I was sealing out the air, so maybe they would stay green. Actually, I didn't completely cover the back of the leaves with Mod Podge, so maybe some oxygen pockets remained there. In any case, they turned brown in spots, but I think they still look cool. Don't know if they'll change any further.

I'm going to take my time deciding what to write on these pages. I may also go back and twiddle around some more with some of the other pages. I want to come up with some more creative ideas. Anyway, enjoying this journal journey!



  1. Hi Lisa! Oh, how gorgeous! I love your grape leaves! Your scripture journal is breathtaking. I'm so inspired!

  2. Hello, lovely Lisa. It's been ages since I popped in but I hope you'll put the kettle on anyway? I am glad to read this on this very day. PC was preaching this morning- all the lay folk taking their summer turns. He was talking about our picture of God, and in the absence of children's church gave out pages and crayons to kids so that they could draw pictures of God. He did, in self-justication here, say that adults could draw a picture too! So I did- I'd read the sermon the night before, and part of my picture was of grapes hanging off the vine. It made me think of remaining in the vine, is that in John? Because that is something I need to do. Lovely tea, thank you! Must go wash some dishes now. I said that four blogs ago...

  3. thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment - i'm tempted to do exactly what you suggested ;)
    lovely, lovely leaves - a gorgeous shape :) xx


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