Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's a drawing kind of day...

I started kind of late today, but got in a lot of drawing. I'm doing the free colored pencil technique class that I won on the Sketchbook Challenge. I don't have the fancy pencils and tools, but I'm just playing around and doing what I can with what I have. Just a hobbyist folks...

In Lesson Two we learned about coloring on colored paper. I know...I've used this purk design a lot, but the main thing was to practice the colored pencil technique and this was something quick. I'm not crazy about the color combination I used. Maybe I'd better consult a color wheel next time?

Then we learned about doing an impression with a tool before coloring: (I didn't have the tool, so I used a white pencil.)

And, thirdly, layering colors. I found a picture of a pigeon pea pod. I've never heard of that (is it related to a chick pea?) but it was kind of unique instead of the usual sweet pea pod. ;)

In Lesson Three we learned about scrumbling (making little circular motions) and striking. I used both in this drawing of a phoenix which was drawn from a painting by Wenqing Yan I found in an image search. (My two sons used to be in a Christian band called Phoenix Awakening and I became fascinated with the beautiful paintings of phoenixes I've found online.) Yes, this phoenix does have a goofy expression and is a little on the portly side. I'll have to practice a lot more to do a decent job. His wingspan is also a little small in proportion to his body. Oh well, live and learn! :)

Lots of fun, but I'll probably have to get back to real life pretty soon, eh?

Have a great day in the Lord!



  1. I love your learning heart, Lisa! Your work is growing in girth and depth. You are an artist, my friend. I'm cheering for you!

  2. I'm cheering too! Colored pencil can be a really fun and intricate medium - especially if you have the patience to dilligently layer, and layer, and layer...

    I especially like that pheonix! He/she looks so happy, and maybe even huggable! Keep it up!

    1. Yeah, the phoenix does have sort of a goofy expression, doesn't it? lol!

  3. Looks like a fun class! I haven't used colored pencils in year...i never quite got the hang of them.

  4. oooh! i just love the phoenix!!
    it must be a day/week/month for drawing - i've posted my first three drawings for a drawing-a-day through august :)


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