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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well, it's time to trot around the globe once again (virtually speaking) to peep at desks! If you'd like to join in the fun go to Julia's Stamping Ground and click on some links!

I must admit, I'm not doing much at the moment except getting inspired. I'm doing this by watching Danny Gregory's collection of YouTube videos!

Danny wrote "An Illustrated Life" which is a book full of pictures from many different people's sketchbooks. It's on my wish list! But the videos are so much fun to watch! (See my previous post for easy access to his videos!)

Besides that I've Mod Podged a few more dried flowers on my scripture journal. Now to spend some time writing in it! :)

I'm not so happy with the dried hyssop right under the word "journal". It looks too much like a moustache! But it can't be helped now! I really like the tiny grape leaf right above my name. It's transparent!

I had to rescue my latest piece of zentangle inspired art from my new, and very cheapy, Walmart sketchbook. Here I've cut it out of the new sketchbook and pasted it into my older sketchbook where it will be safe.

And here is the accursed cheap Walmart sketchbook which has been relegated to a dark lower shelf, never to be used for anything other than scribbling, heh, heh... (I mentioned this sketchbook in a previous post entitled "A Lemony Sketchbook". The paper is so inferior that it's falling apart after just a few uses. Bleck!)

So, I hope you all have a great WOYWW and maybe you'll watch some of the aforementioned videos!

Shalom, all!


  1. Love your journal front. Great zentangle inspired pic.
    Famfa 16

  2. Lovely idea to decorate your journal with dried flowers.
    Sandra @32

  3. i love reading (over and over) Illustrated Life. So much inspiration there!

  4. If it's any consolation, I didn't think 'Oh look there's a moustache..' when I saw your book cover!! It just looks lovely to me!

    Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

  5. lovely journal - i agree it just looks gorgeous jenx 60

  6. I'm inspired by Danny Gregory too!

  7. I love the dried flowers...I took the hyssop to underline the words, not be in the way! Enjoy the videos, sometimes it is the best form of mojo!

  8. Great the dried flowers.. enjoy youtube... Hugs May x x#5

  9. WalMart seems to buy whatever inferior merchandise they can get their hands on and pass it off to unsuspecting customers. I'm sure they didn't think we "artists" would ever buy this. But yet we do. Not sure why, guess cause it's WalMart. Have a belated WOYWW. I'm number 11.

  10. Love the zentangle drawing!
    Happy belated woyww!

    Zildara #86

  11. Great looking journal front and I don't think the hysop looks all that bad. I have that same notebook and I haven't had any problem with it and I have half way through the pages and have had it quite a whilt. I would bet they have hired someone else to make them and to keep it cheap went to inferior paper. Thanks for letting us know not to waste our time on it. Have a great week. Vickie #38

  12. I really love the journal cover. I don't think it looks like a moustache at all.
    Lovely zentangle too, good thing you could rescue it.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116


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