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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Building a better phoenix...

When Zach commented that my drawing of a phoenix in this post looked almost "happy" and "huggable" I took it as a challenge, heh, heh... We all know that a happy, huggable phoenix is not a real phoenix at all, so I did my best to build a better version. And here he is.

I took pictures of each step as I colored it so I could remember what I did...

Close-up to see details...

Probably my last phoenix drawing. There are too many things to draw in this world to do too many do-overs. :D


  1. Colors are so pretty! You are so right when you say there are too many things to draw to do too many do-overs!
    I like your woodsy scenes, of course. Do those. (Bossy of me! Sorry!)

    1. Oh, go ahead and be bossy, lol! By woodsy scenes I'm thinking you mean like the zentangle one? That's my favorite. I'm hoping to spend more time on reading my Bible and doing stuff in my scripture journal. I'll have to scale back somewhere! :D

  2. :-) You made me smile! I think this one looks fierce - but there's still a little turn of the beak that makes it look to me like he is smiling. Maybe fierce is the wrong word: majestic suits him better. He's content in his majesty.

    1. Thanks, Zach! I enjoyed drawing him and layering the colored pencil, but onward and upward! :)


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