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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeper of the family sketchbooks...

I just realized that I seem to be the one who is safeguarding the discarded sketchbooks of my family members. I really enjoy looking through them.

My sons, Jordan and Josh, kept sketchbooks when I was homeschooling them MANY years ago. Here are some samples:

(He's now 28 years old. These were from probably 18 years ago!)

I think I put these side-by-side to compare his earlier work with some he did in his older teens.
These are some greeting cards he made when much younger.
And some more of Jordan's character studies...
I'll probably share more of Josh's later. I don't think he drew as much as Jordan, but he was pretty good!
Last but not least, my mom's sketchbook has been added to the collection. She only drew a few things in it, but I'm glad it has joined my cherished collection. (And I'll be glad to fill it up!)
The grand collection...


  1. You have a treasure trove there, Lisa! Thank you for sharing, friend!

  2. Such treasure! I'm saving my son's sketchbooks too. It's amazing how fast children grow. So glad you've kept your family's sketchbooks. They contain such wonderful memories of the times past. Have a nice day!

  3. Those cards are hysterical! Jordan must have a sense of humor, huh? I opened up a lined notebook I pulled from our school supply stash the other day and found a bunch of my sister's drawings. I like looking back on those! I'll have to do that with some of my stuff soon...maybe I'll find some Zentangle-esque stuff. That would be interesting!


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