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Sunday, February 10, 2013

An interesting old book...

During one of my college writing classes, Nature Writers, we studied several writers from the "olden days". Gilbert White was one of them and I've wanted to read this book ever since. I found this e-version on my favorites list this morning while I was deleting some of the dead wood, and thought I'd put it here on my blog so I would remember to look it over. Some of you might find it a pleasant read!

You can find the e-version of The Natural History of Selborne here!

Not being very artistic lately, but I'm peeking at art blogs and browsing through An Illustrated Life as I get a chance for some artistic inspiration.


Hope I can get out tomorrow morning for school. But today I'll enjoy being inside where it's cozy!

Stay warm and enjoy a good book or movie.
Shalom from Minnesota!



  1. Isn't time so very precious? When I am ironing in my study, I look around at all the stuff I'd like to create, books I'd like to read again, and sky I'd like to see! Then I go off to school.

    You are a good student, Lisa! I'm cheering for you!

    1. Cheering for you, too, Pom! You are a missionary to young souls! Thanks for your uplifting encouragement!


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