Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doing a little drawing and colored penciling...

Is penciling a word?

I have plans for this woodpecker. The plans may or may not come to fruition so, in the superstitious tradition of wannabe authors everywhere, I will keep those plans to myself for the present. This is just a beginning on a project that has been percolating in the back of my mind for years.

It feels good to be doing art at my little table again.

Pom, thanks for your encouraging remarks on my other blog as I announced my withdrawal from nursing school. It was such a difficult decision. I didn't want to let anyone down, but I had to do what was right for my own peace of mind. It just wasn't what I was cut out for. I feel such peace! And I'm sleeping much better and depression has fled. So, I think it was the right thing to do. I appreciate my little job and the fact that I can come home and enjoy my life with my husband. God will supply our needs as He always has. It doesn't all depend on me! :) What a revelation!

Blessings and shalom to all who visit here!


  1. Pom is such a wise sister :) And definitely -- if you feel relief and joy, and depression has fled away, you certainly made the right choice!

  2. I'm so happy for you. The world's ideas are not HIS ideas and that gives such freedom. I have made Badger and I'm getting ready to unveil the trip via a million pictures!
    I love your art. EVERYONE will love it when you start sending it out there. Smile.

    1. Thanks so much! Yay, Badger! Looking forward to the new adventure!


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