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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best 62 Cents I Ever Spent...

Yes, you heard right! Sixty-two cents! (plus shipping)

Used from Amazon, but still glorious!

So many pretty drawings and little booklets and things to open and look at!
A basket full of guinea pigs...
An envelope containing a letter. This is my first look through the book. I haven't looked closely at things yet. I'm savoring the thought!
Little drawings...
Proofs from her first book...
Pretty paintings...
A copy of Peter Rabbit in b/w embedded in the back cover...

An Illustrated Journey also arrived yesterday! I love to snoop through other people's sketchbooks! This book contains drawings from many different people's travel sketchbooks, so there are lots of styles and viewpoints.
So, there's a sneakpeek into a couple of wonderful books that I expect to get a lot of joy out of perusing!
And here are a few photos of my grandgirl, Audrey, the budding artist. You may notice her red nose. She took a tumble and her nose came into contact with a window seat. Poor gal! But she's fine and full of vim and vigor!
I gave her a sketchbook which I purchased at Walmart and didn't like the way the pages come out so easily. She doesn't care! Crayons!! Yay!
And here's Hazel in her new high chair. She's a big people now! Lookin' like a pro!
Well, that's what's new and exciting at our place.
Have a great day full of shalom from the Lord!


  1. I love both books, although I can't get the Beatrix Potter one in England cheaply! Can you believe that?!

    Your grandchildren are gorgeous! :-)

  2. Hi Lisa! The books are VERY fun! Yay!
    The girls are growing and they look so happy!


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