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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A little sketching from a video...

I've been wanting to watch this series of artist interviews that Danny Gregory is posting on his blog. Yesterday I finally got to watch one and today I watched a second one. These are artists that are featured in Danny's book "An Illustrated Journey" which I've been reading my way through. I did cheat a little and stop the video so I could draw from a still shot. Hey, one step at a time! :)

This interview was with Roz Stendahl. I was hesitant to mention her name because my portrait skills leave a lot to be desired. I hope I don't have to get permission first? (Let me know if I'm breaking any laws!)

Anyway, here's my rendition of Roz...

...and if you've seen her you know this looks nothing like her! Sorry, Roz!
And this is my quick sketch of Danny Gregory in his little box in the corner of the Skype screen.
I actually like the way this little sketch turned out more than the larger more time-consuming drawing of Roz. I have a hard time loosening up enough to do quick sketches, so I was pleased with this one.
I'm off to post this on Twenty Minute Challenge!
If you're curious to see some of these videos you can find them on Danny's blog here!
Shalom on this glorious Palm Sunday!


  1. I like the Roz portrait. I think the angles around her eyes and glasses are WONDERFUL!
    I'm so glad you love that book!

  2. Why thank you, Oh Peachy Keen One! :)

  3. your sketches are great! thanks for the reminder about the interviews. i bought the book a couple weeks ago and will definitely check out the videos.


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