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Monday, June 10, 2013

An envelope from across the pond!

When I got home from work tonight there was a suspicious looking envelope on the counter...

I was a little puzzled because, although I'm involved in several ATC swaps, I wasn't expecting any cards this soon. I guess I had kind of forgotten one very special ATC swap!


Heather, of Algera Designs, really knows how to build the suspense! Okay...what's in side?

Inside that...a little package...and a wonderful note from Heather. Yes, your package arrived safely in the U.S. and is much treasured by this WOYWWer!
Ta-dah!! A beautiful ATC full of wonderful blingyness!
Your ATC is only the second I've ever received! It now has a place of honor in my ATC notebook.
And your card graces my bookshelves...
Thanks so much for all of the creativity you put into this beautiful gift! It is exciting to have a little piece of England here in my home. Thanks again, Heather! :)


  1. Hi Lisa, so glad it arrived and thanks for blogging about it. This was the first ATC I have ever sent and for it to have travelled across the pond is so Lovely x
    I Love that you have an album to collect them in, cool idea and as your collection grows each card will have a story that goes with it :)
    I received Some Beautiful ones too from Joynana and some from a friend of mine Gill and will blog on Wednesday about them.
    Heather x


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