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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting organized and making a few "cover" cards...

The whole ATC trading game has my head spinning a little just keeping track of cards being sent out and those I will be receiving sometime in the future. What to do? Get organized!

First of all a three-ring binder must be sought out. This one may look familiar. It has had many uses over the years, but hopefully it will help me keep track of things for years to come!

But what's inside? Aha... The front pocket holds some precut ATC cards, a baggy of plastic card sleeves and a little card containing my log in info for the ATC's for All website. The first page of plastic card protectors contains cards I've made for one-on-one trading. Not many...yet. The card you see in the top middle slot is actually on the second page and is one I'm working on for a group swap.

After the pages for cards to swap and cards received I have a few page protectors for lists of "Cards Sent Out"...

and "Cards I'm Expecting".  On these two pages I can keep track of swaps and I have checklists to be sure I don't forget to give itrader points or reputation points to other players and hosts. It also acts as a reminder of what I've done and how many of my cards are "out there" in the world at large. :)

After these pages I have a few pocket pages to hole odds and ends that have been scribbled on random pieces of paper. I have lots of that kind of stuff!

Since I had three ATC's to send off I decided to rev up the painting station (complete with roll of tissue for blotting) and make cover cards for the ATC's. Just a little extra protection in the mail and another excuse to make art!!

And here they are...

And here are the ATC's I'm working on for the "Books are Quotations" swap. I've done the collaging part and now I just have to print off the quotations to glue on each one. These were fun to do this afternoon!
And now they are safely ensconced in my ATC notebook until I can finish them...

So, that's what I've been doing this morning/afternoon. Hope you're having a great day!



  1. Great way to organize! FUN!
    Look at you go! I think your ATC art is awesome!

  2. Definitely need to follow your lead and get organised.
    I'm ok at keeping track of ATC outgoings so to speak but useless at incomings lol.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Zentangle Addict (AFA)


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