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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WOYWW! (even though it's Tuesday!)

Day off!!! We are having fun playing in the sun today. It's been so cold and rainy this spring and summer that many of us are just getting out to plant our gardens. Hoping for a long fall! Planting the garden and working in the yard is our favorite play. I should incorporate some of that into my art!

Anyway, here is my desk for WOYWW. I'm working on some MOO's for a swap. In case you don't know, MOO's are little cards that measure 1" x 2.75". This particular swap calls for making them into bookmarks. You can see the beads on the right that I'm going to use at some point. (Wish I was more creative with collage!)

BTW, here are the MOO's in their finished state...

I hope the beads don't make them too bulky in the mail! (The moderator okayed them.)

Although I mentioned it in my previous post, here again is the ATC I received from Heather for the WOYWW-4 swap. Love it! (And the beautiful card that came with it!)

So, if you want to peep around other desks worldwide please go to Julia's Stamping Ground and follow the list o' links!

Shalom all and have a sunny summer!


  1. You have some bright new materials there today!

  2. Love your Moos, so colorful little pieces of art.
    Krisha #17

  3. Love you Moos, the colors are wonderful. Happy crafting #7

  4. Your Moos are fascinating! Never heard of them before! And the ATC and card... WOW!! Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
    Carol N #115

  5. Those colours are making me so much more cheerful after an insanely busy day :-) Emma 131 (late to the party!)

  6. I Have never heard of Moos what a small space that is to work on. Love what you have done with them what great bookmarks
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  7. Love your moos, not many myself for ages.
    Happy Wednesday

  8. The beaded moos are there's a sentence I didn't think I'd be writing this morning... ;-) hope they go through the mail ok. The ATC is really fab, love the metallic look!
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  9. Thank you for visiting my Desk yesterday. I got a bit sidetracked and did not get around everyone I wanted to visit.
    Have a blessed day
    Silvi #95

  10. Love the moos- I kkep the offcuts from cutting a card down, which work out to that size, with the intention of doing some one day. Me & my intentions! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36xxx

  11. The moos are great! Also like that metallic looking ATC which you received.
    Thanks for stopping by and happy late WOYWW,

  12. Hello I had never heard of moos but the ones you have made are gorgeous as is the ATC and card you received. I am sorry I am late visiting. I got so far on Wednesday and then couldn't get on laptop on Thursday. Anne x #75

  13. Your bookmarks are adorable. I like all the critters. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier.
    April #110

  14. I just caught your comment on my WOYWW. Sorry I'm so late visiting, but wanted to say 'Hello!' and thank you for your kind comment. I will try to flutter by at the right time next week! Your blog is lovely and that ATC is so pretty. Love the book-marks too, especially that little fox. Julie Ann, a little magpie from the UK xxx

  15. Happy belated WOYWW! I was away.

    The moos look nice, I have heard them mentioned but didn't know what they were, will I ever remember?
    The ATC is gorgeous, there are some lovely ones around.

    Cazzy x #155

  16. Ah ! so that's what a Moo is thanks , they look great
    janet #35


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