Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Sunday, January 12, 2014

a pink shopfront in san francisco...

My latest sketch for Somewhere to Sketch...

Makes me feel a little...meh! Not excited. I'm pondering the possibility of setting aside these online challenges for a while and just drawing simple sketches of everyday items ala Danny Gregory. Small sketches that take little time, but keep the skills sharpened. Too many books beckon, and other details of life need to be attended to. Art challenges can eat up lots of time and deadlines can create stress that I would rather live without.

I found much to contemplate over at Sandra's blog, Thistle Cove Farm. She has gathered a wonderful selection of quotes about simplicity; something that has been on my heart a great deal lately. In this season of my life as a newly widowed woman I find that I crave simplicity. I have a desire to whittle my possessions down to the essentials. I seek to create a small, cozy home furnished with only those things that are useful or beautiful, as one of these quotes puts it. It should be an exciting journey as I shed the unnecessary baggage in my life and make time and room for the things that God has for me.



  1. I love your thinking, Lisa. I like it when you put your sketches on Flickr!
    Keep that pencil in hand, art friend.

  2. Lisa, thank you for the mention and so glad you enjoyed Sabbath Keeping. As always, I was preaching to a choir of one -me, smile- but am happy when other's are blessed. As you know, my husband died and I'm now, finally!, in the season of giving away, selling, packing, (hopefully) selling, buying and moving to be closer to family. I'm overwhelmed with what I need to do but, with God's help, it will get done.
    BTW, re. your earlier post, before this one, pretty much, I've stopped all that group's a huge time suck and only increases my stress. Therefore, now I, politely I hope, say no...doesn't matter what it is, I say no. On Tuesdays, I try and do Chats on the Farmhouse Porch but that's it; I've even stopped daily blogging...this is the longest comment I've made in months and months. I'll shut up now -grin-.

  3. Once I asked an old wise monc about how to live . he answered. "Simlpy live, simply cook and be patient with your partner."

    hallo, Thistle, nice to meet you here! :)

    Lisa, may an angel hold your hand when you make your drawings!

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