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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finishing up my last two swap obligations...

Actually, these weren't obligations, exactly. I hadn't signed up for them. I was "lurking" as we say in the ATC biz. Waiting to finish the cards before signing up. Less stress that way. If you don't get the cards finished in time you don't sign up and nobody is the wiser. ;)

Anyway, these two swaps were run by the same gal and she didn't have many people participating so I decided to join in so there would be a larger pool of art.

First was the Bird swap. I've shown these in progress, but not finished.

Second was the Landscapes swap. These were fun to do, but as I look at them I see things I should have done to finish them more. Oh well, art is so subjective!

 So now, I'm caught up on ATC swaps...except for one personalized trade. That means another gal and I have agreed to make a card for each other on a specific theme. She likes some very quirky things, monsters among them, so I've decided to do a portrait of Gollum from The Hobbit for her. She's making me a "blind drawn bird" card. She will draw the outline without looking and then she can look to paint and finish the card. She made some fantastic ones for another swap and I commented on how much I loved them, which led to this personalized trade.

Otherwise, I'm journaling, babysitting, reading, working and admiring the snowy view out the window. Trying to arrange a get together with a former co-worker who is also a widow. We haven't visited much since her husband passed away a couple of years ago and she retired. It would be nice to cultivate a few friendships. With my crazy work schedule it will take some doing!

Speaking of work, I'd better get ready!

God bless your day! Shalom!

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  1. I love the house with the path leading up to it. You draw GREAT houses, Lisa!


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