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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Being blessed by bloggers!

I was just realizing what a blessing it is to be able to hop around the globe visiting the lives of so many talented and interesting people!

The themes of simplicity and contentment seem to be popping up everywhere! It's something I'm very conscious of wanting in my life right now. GretchenJoanna at Gladsome Lights has some poignant thoughts on the subject and a wonderful quote from G.K. Chesterton. John Michael Talbot had a short sermonette on Facebook about giving away everything we own and following Jesus, speaking of the life of St. Antony of the Desert.

I love to read of the goings on at Melissa's house over at The Book of Common Life. Today featured some photos of her peaceful home. I look forward to hearing more of her son and how he's doing in bootcamp!

Photo Hebrides gives me that much needed infusion of ancient celtic views, one photograph at a time.

At Dorikult I love to examine her detailed pen and ink sketches, full of spiritual meaning. She also shares life on her farm and does beautiful paintings. Her videos are intriguing, though I don't understand what they're saying! One of them shows her painting an icon and you can see many of her other paintings in the background of another video. So interesting!

Cornish Cream shares memories of hot porridge and walking two miles to school every day. Reminds me of my hot bowl of Malto Meal for supper last night. That's comfort food!

The Quiet Home provides another serving of Scottish life, which I crave. We all love to learn from the lives of others, don't we? And the photos are wonderful!

Pom Pom's Ponderings is an inspiration to so many of us and is where I found many of these blogs! Pom is full of enthusiasm and cheer, not to mention wisdom by the boatload! I try to visit often and she always lifts my spirits! Love the bright images of life in her home.

I've waffled a little on my resolution to cut out art challenges in my life, but I'm waffling back in the original direction of really pulling back. I did these two ATC's as host gifts, because I hadn't had time to make an extra card for each of these ladies earlier.

Now that I've completed those I do intend to redirect my artistic goals toward "what I want to do with art in my life". I think I'm afraid of failure, so I'm playing around instead of doing the "real" things I have dancing around in my head. I have so many questions about how to proceed, but also so many practical matters still up in the air with deciding about my house and tying up loose ends left by my husband's death. So, I'm not going to beat myself up too much, but I may do more sketching out ideas and gradually making a start toward something.

Thanks for putting up with the rambling and thanks to you all for your inspiration! And now a photo I took from my window last night.

Shalom and have a great day! :D


  1. You say the nicest things, Lisa! Thank you!
    Keep going with your beautiful art. Fear not failure! YOU have a gift!

  2. Thank you for visiting me! We seem to visit many of the same lovely blogs.

  3. Oh, dear Lisa! You know what they say ... be careful about decisions and changes for the year after losing a loved one. Don't feel that your decisions are cast in stone. You may cut back for a bit, and then change your mind, and that's okay! Go easy on yourself. Your talent for art lies within you, like a warm fire, and it will glow out when it's time. It keeps you warm. We love you out here :)

  4. Catching up here myself! Thanks so much for the mention. I could do the same for you...I'm so enjoying reading about you and getting to know you. As a matter of fact, just realized last night that I'd been responding to your comments to my blog via email. Noticed that your email wasn't available when you commented....and there I was, just talking away!

    Truly wanted to compliment you on your beautiful artwork. Keep it up girl. You have a gift and I know it brings you much joy. :)


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