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Saturday, November 8, 2014


I'm wondering how I measure up against other folks who live alone. (How self-involved can you get?!?)

Do other lone people talk to themselves?

I'm convinced that most do. In fact, I've overheard more than one person doing this at work in the midst of people.

But, do they talk to themselves in an English accent? (Assuming they aren't English...) Guilty. Of course, I have just listened to the latest installment of Michael Nobbs' podcast, One Thing Today. I am an Anglophile and will watch a movie just to hear that accent (and the other atmospherics of an English movie). As a child growing up, my siblings and I would lapse into an English or Spanish accent when trying to be funny, so I think it's partly an outgrowth of that. (I may have passed that weird trait on to my kids.)

Do they laugh at their own inner thoughts? I just did.

If they don't do either of the above, do they just sit around with a blank look on their face?

If so, I prefer my way of doing things, lol!
I prefer to think that talking to oneself is perfectly natural. There are so many types of talk...
...and when there's nobody else around to talk to, you don't want your vocal chords to grow flaccid, right? I was amazed at the images that came up when I Googled "talking to yourself images". Some folks are just downright nasty! Many implying that prayer is equivalent to talking to yourself. Well, I guess the world is full of all types.

I've always thought of eccentricity as a positive thing. Who wants to be just like the rest of the herd?
I'm thinking that most of us bloggers fit into this category. Our minds race and wander ceaselessly with vivid images and labyrinthine thoughts. It would be impossible to put those thoughts down on paper. One could never keep up; though a word processor helps!

I've just ordered a book for my Kindle called "New Slow City" by William Powers. I watched an interview with him and he looks like a nice young fellow. I have a bad habit of mentioning books before I've read them, and sometimes wish I hadn't! This is for a Slow Reading Group (I think it's called) at the Sustainably Creative website, which is run by the aforementioned Michael Nobbs. The idea is to slowly read the book together and discuss it. The book has to do, generally, with living more simply and slowing down our hectic pace. William has also written a couple of other books that sound interesting, so I've added them to my "someday" list.

It's the first day of deer hunting season, so I may go and visit my daughter and grands since they'll be sitting home awaiting news of her hubby's hunting progress. I apologize for this blog full of Google images. It's kind of tacky, but just something I was thinking about. And maybe I'm actually talking to some other people instead of just myself! Either way, it's interesting. :)

I'll end with an original photo taken yesterday. Would you call these clouds mare's tails?

Love and shalom to all!


  1. Hallo, Lisa, you have a very nice new header! I love it. Interesting movement in your blog presentation!

    To speak with oneself -- once when I was afraid in a rainy stormy night in the lonely stable - only wind and rain and some poor sheep - the place, where I had my sheep before Xaver - a friend told to me I shall sing loud a good song about Jesus-sheep...

    The eremits in the wide forests of Russia always have a Psalmword on their lips.

    When I have to hurry and to concentrate, I speak the important things loud to myself, so I dont forget to do.

    The photo with the Mary-cloth-cloudes is wonderful!

    One person once said, i speak to myself to the sheep, but it is not so: I speak with my animals! :)))

  2. I don't live alone but I talk to myself a LOT. I find as I get older thoughts are harder to hold on to if they are not verbalized. Especially when I go walking in nature I talk ( very quietly) to myself and work out problems etc.. I have thought about getting a (fake) bluetooth? Is that what it's called? Then I won't look weird I'll look like a very modern granny.

    1. I would rather see someone honestly talking to themselves, than to have one of those things attached to their head any day! :) I kind of feel like it's a sad commentary on our society that we're that attached to our phones! But that's just my narrow-minded opinion, lol! :)

  3. I talk to myself, too. I agree. It's a good thing!
    That's why I love to journal, too.


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