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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Test driving the deodorant! ;)

I mixed up my natural deodorant yesterday. The instructions said that this could be done without melting the coconut oil. What I got was a mealy mixture reminiscent of pie dough before you add the water. Crumbly and dry. Not deodorant-like. My solution...

It worked like a charm! I left the dry, crumbly mixture on the heat register; went away and did a few things and when I returned the coconut oil had melted. I stirred the mixture and poured it into...

It's now hardened and I can just rub some onto my fingers and apply. I haven't noticed any irritation. Only time will tell if it really works. I certainly like the idea of using something like this that is so natural. The recipe is 4 Tbsp of baking soda, 4 Tbsp of corn starch (or arrowroot), and 6 Tbsp of coconut oil. Pom Pom suggested adding essential oils, which the recipe does actually suggest, but since I have fairly sensitive skin I didn't want to take any chances with irritation. :)

Now to find a cute little jar to keep it in! All of my glass jars were too deep. Here's to healthy underarms! :)

Goodnight and shalom to all.


  1. Interesting! I may look into that!
    You could add some dandy essential oils, too!

    1. I decided to skip the essential oils because my skin is sometimes very sensitive and I didn't want to have any irritation. :)

  2. I'm just popping by today to see if you had posted. I hope you survived the rather dreadful-sounding cleansing you had . Also wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving!

  3. Sounds great, Lisa! I just called Adam on the phone since he's out shopping, and he'll bring me some soda and cornstarch to make a batch for myself. I will add some lavender ess. oil. If you ever do want to try an oil, think of tea tree oil -- it's good for the skin and I think would go easily on you. But if you don't want any, that's ok. I'm eager to try this. If it does well, I'll sell it at market.

  4. Alright, I made my first batch (3 round bars, 1/2 cup each), and am eager to find out how it does. What about you? Success? I like the look of it, and the smell. I did add a bit of tea tree oil. I'm wondering what the best way to hold it is -- it gets a little grainy on the hands. Put plastic wrap on it? Set it in a cupcake liner? Right now I have it sitting in a small bowl on my dresser. I'm excited! And what a money savings it will be -- this thing must be twice as big as a regular deodorant, and I made 3 of them, and it was very cheap.


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