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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More cuteness!

I'll be 58 years old in about 5 minutes! (What am I doing up at this hour?) Well, I fell asleep in my recliner at about 7:30 and woke up about 10:30. My son, Josh, saw me make a comment on Facebook, so he knew I was up and around and he called to wish me an early happy birthday! The best gift! I also received a little package from him and wife Jess today containing a book and drawings from Nathan and Starry. The kids had posted some cute photos recently, so I thought I'd share! :)

I love Nathan and Starry's choice of Halloween costumes!

Here they're enjoying the last of the warm weather at the park. They live in Kentucky. These old- school teeter totters are a rare breed these days! (When I commented on this my son replied with, "We were at a special park from the 50s with no safety considerations. Even a merry go round where children can reach through the spinning bars and grab the not spinning center for an exhilarating broken arm.") Yikes! I see he's cautiously supervising.

 Nathan is becoming a little man. :)

This is a recent photo of my son Jordan, who lives in Texas. Notice how both of my boys are enjoying beardedness, lol. I think it's just a phase. ;)
I suppose I should get to bed. After that long nap I'm not sure I can sleep! It's a good thing tomorrow is a day off.

Shalom and God bless all!


  1. Oh I hope you had an awesome day! You are now the same age as my little sister who incidentally is quite a few years younger than I am.

    1. An awesome, relaxing day at home! I think I'll get to bed earlier tonight. It's catching up to me! :)

  2. Hallo, dearest Lisa, I wish you a good new life-year, stay healthy and go on doing such fine things and projects as before. You are a blessing!

  3. Lisa, Happy Birthday and may you celebrate them all in good health. I'm back on-line and enjoying visiting...although my work squints at me to get back to it. Lovely grands and my Dave had a beard, I never saw him without one, save for photos.

  4. (blogger is trying to publish before I'm ready!)
    Happy belated birthday, sweet one. Hope it was joyful, and that you've had a very good weekend. You always bring a smile to my and your adorable family. Btw, I like the beards! :)


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