Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A lazy, though hectic, day...

Day off! Always something to celebrate!

I've been doing a lot of sitting and computing and reading. Here's a little bit of something I sketched and painted. It's the only thing I've done for a while, so I thought I'd better post it. It will look good on my blog thumbnail!

I've been eating my pre-made meals this week. It's nice to be able to grab a container out of the freezer, plop it in my lunch bucket and be pretty much ready to go.

This is the "Dirty Rice" I cooked up. It contains ground turkey, brown rice and some veggies, plus some seasonings.

These are some of the veggies that went into it with the addition of cilantro. It called for all kinds of spices, but I mainly used salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder and maybe that was it. I may have overdone something because I tend to get a bit of a stomach upset from it. But I WILL eat all of it, lol!
I also cooked up some carrots and a random turnip that was in the fridge.

Then I baked up some sweet potatoes. I later mashed them. They're my favorite!
I cooked up some broccoli and some spinach, all  of which will be sides to the turkey and rice. I can also switch to fish or chicken and use the premade veggies to throw together different combinations. I'm still figuring out the logistics, but I'm liking the idea. I may make a little less of everything and just keep it in the fridge to use for the week. I think it would still be okay and would have no negative effects from freezing. (The carrots get a little spongey.)

As for the hectic part, my car battery was dead today. I have it plugged in to a block heater, but still it didn't want to run. I'll have Adam come over in the morning to give it a boost and then I'll drop it off at the Ford dealer for a check up. I'm pretty sure I'll need a new battery. Oh well, time for an oil change anyway!

Micah called this morning to see if I could watch the girls. She is 6 months pregnant and felt that the baby has already dropped and the girl at the clinic said she should come in. That's why I tried to start my car! (Adam was able to get off work and go home, so that worked out.) As it turns out the baby has turned head down and dropped. Everything is fine, but Micah will begin doing doctor visits every two weeks. Thank you, Lord!

THEN, I had some confusion over my bank account and thought I had really messed up, but a quick online chat with a gal at the bank set me straight, and things are fine.

I also have to fill out my yearly form for my student loan, which I planned to do today. I decided I'd had enough excitement for one day! I'm glad it isn't due for another month.

I think I'll make some supper and read some more of the Beth Moore book I'm working on. God is in control! :)

Shalom to you all, and Happy New Year if I don't get back before then!


  1. Hi Lisa! You did a lot of cooking! Yum! I really like your painting! I hope your car is running smoothly soon!

    1. She's running great with a new battery and an oil change! :)

  2. You certainly had a full day! I'm so glad your daughter is okay. Happy New Year to you, too.

    1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Granny! :)

  3. I am always glad to be reminded that God is in control! I am fery inspired by your healthy diet. I must step away from the fudge....


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