Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Innocently, I checked the "fresh pins" from my Pinterest email. I'm loving the illustrated dictionary pages! There are bazillions of examples if you follow the link below. I don't really care for the big word label on each piece. It looks out of place. If you need to put "Teacup" on your painting, maybe you need to draw better? (lol!) Or maybe it would look better in hand-lettering?

I'm thinking these would be cute framed. ;)
This morning, as I walked from my kitchen to the living room, I saw a pileated woodpecker perched on my porch rail! (The one closest to the window.)
He took a couple of tentative pecks at the wood, looked around and flew off. If only I could have gotten to my camera! I considered it a little gift from the Lord. He knows how much I love PW's! :D
Resting up from a hard work week. Lots of chicken frying and a closing. Both hard on the body. Hmmm... I may just try my hand at baking some scones! Photos later if I succeed.
It's later! The scones didn't work out. Since my chiropractor told me too lay off dairy for a couple of weeks I forgot I don't have any milk in the house! SO, I made this little pouch of multi-berry muffins. Only 1/2 a cup of water needed!
 Good thing it only makes 6 muffins. :)
 Oh, and this is my recently completed log cabin restoration project. These little salt and pepper shakers were losing all their paint, so I Mod Podged them to hang on to what little original paint they had.
 Hope you're all enjoying your Christmas preparations.
 Shalom, for now and Feliz Navidad! :)


  1. I agree, those pictures would be much more appealing without the words. Are you thinking about painting your own illustrated alphabet? Maybe with no letters or words, or just a little letter in the corner - maybe a project for *after* Christmas. :-) I saw in my recipe book that about 40 years ago I was bold enough to sketch a head of celery on to a hand-written recipe!! Maybe there is still hope for my latent drawing skills?

    I felt the same way as you about your PW's when we saw chickadees in our backyard this fall - definitely gifts from the Father, so special, because we didn't remember *ever* seeing them here before!

  2. Love the illustrated alphabet idea! I hope you'll exercise your drawing skills IF that's something you really enjoy. Otherwise, I hope you'll find time for something that really brings you satisfaction and joy.

    We have lots of chickadees here all winter. I can hear them in the trees...chicka-dee-dee-dee! :)

  3. You have nice creative ideas!

  4. I think the lettering works well on your teacup and violin paintings...such a good effect on text paper too :-)

  5. Ah, those little log cabins are so precious! And your muffins look warm and yummy. Happy December!


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