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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas in Europe

As an ice storm pelts our town this Christmas, I sit in my snug apartment watching "Rick Steve's European Christmas". This video is almost an hour long, but well worth watching. I found it fascinating to see how folks all across Europe celebrate the season. I hope some of you will enjoy this!


  1. no bandwidth...drats! Merry Christmas, Lisa, to you and yours. Hopefully, it's wonderful!

  2. Oh! An ice storm!

    Good idea to post a winter-video...but we have no ice-storm, so I don't find time to watch. Better No ice-storm :) My son told me, yesterday he was on the top of a mountain here, there was an ice-storm. Here we have all in grey. Christ is our light! Best wishes to you, blessed sister in Christ - from Dori

  3. I looked the beginning: WONDERFUL!! Let's see....

  4. i saw this show on our PBS channel a few weeks ago. I always enjoy Rick Steves' i can dream of a European vacation!

    Stay warm!

  5. I didn't know about eating twelve mince pies over the twelve days of Christmas- I have some lovely catching up to do!

  6. We're not pelted by ice or snow here, only chilly winds, but that looks like a lovely thing to watch! Thanks, Lisa!


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