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Monday, December 5, 2016

Life goes marching on...

I need to go help Micah with picking up kids in a moment, but I thought I'd squeeze in a little blogging!

Got my first SS check on Dec. 1st! I wasn't expecting it until the end of the month. Excellent-o!

I'm contemplating going into the school and signing on as a kitchen substitute. I wouldn't start until January, and I can be making arrangements to cut back to every other weekend at the deli. I may get adventurous and do some hopping around on jobs. The weekends at the deli will give me something steady while I see just how often the school will call for help. I know that's going to vary a lot, so I'm looking for a good balance of "steady" and "not so steady" employment. I also want to be sure I can still help Micah with the after school pick up. Anyway, enough of that!

The Widow's Luncheon at church was really great. I got to visit with a friend I hadn't seen in years. She lost her husband in the last couple of years. Lots of nice ladies. Two men from the church put on a skit that was purely for laughs, which is a good thing at a widow's luncheon! A couple of ladies talked and shared. We had some good food and they showered us with gifts!
Two books and a handmade ornament...

...and a poinsettia!
 These are for yet another inchie swap. My themes were...
faces and birds

tiny houses and mushrooms
 And here are a few of the many decorations that have sprung up in our aparment building thanks to my awesome building manager, Rosie!

Uh-oh! Time to go! You guys have a Merry Christmas and lots of fun preparing! I'll talk at you later!


  1. Rosie really does get into decorating! She makes it look very festive.
    It's nice that you can explore different jobs and find out what you prefer to do.

  2. Finding a balance can be difficult, but I so understand your wanting to be available for Micah and children. Good for you.

  3. Dear Lisa, good news from you, I think you can make different jobs, everything is okay, and you will find the best way to connect job and family. Nice decorations in your rooms! Greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

  4. Hi Lisa, love those little paintings you have done. My big and stiff fingers have trouble with tiny painting. Your idea about the jobs sounds really doable to me. I wish you much happiness this Christmas.

  5. That's all splendid - I like the sound of you job-hopping :-)

    And I like the Santa Hygge pic at top a LOT. You've reminded me that I was going to buy a poinsettia myself this morning, and I forgot... well, soon! Now I will at least put it on my shopping list. Love....

  6. Merry Christmas, Lisa! I hope that your shuffling of your job situation will turn out very well for you -- 1st S.S. check!!! Woohoo - that's exciting! We all need to reassess our jobs as we age and make sure we're not still doing way too much. I need to do that too :) Love the Christmas decor in your home!!


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