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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The continuing saga...

You all are probably getting tired of hearing about my plans and such for the future. Well, sorry, but here's some more of the same, lol! :)

I'm writing this stuff down partly as a family history type of thing, and so my step-dad and brother can read it if they wander through blog land. It's sort of like blogging and letter writing in one!

It seems like the Lord is dropping some opportunities in my lap. I ran into an old friend at the little store here in Nevis. Bob and I used to spend a lot of time at their house visiting. It's so strange how I haven't seen many of our old acquaintances in years. We did change churches and lost touch with a lot of people. Anyway, this friend invited me to a Bible study held at their house every week. She fixes dinner for everyone and afterwards there is prayer and sharing. I had been thinking of finding a small group Bible study to join, and here's one right in my town. I plan to keep going to my present church in Park Rapids (12 miles away), but I'd love to have a group to fellowship with who live closer. Answer to prayer!

Another opportunity came up when a gal who lives in my building mentioned going to the fitness center. The fitness center is located at the school half a block from my apartment. I've been thinking about going there now that I'm not working as much, but wasn't sure how to get started. She offered to take me over and show me the ropes. Another need met!

I have plans to attend the Widow's Christmas Luncheon at my church in Park Rapids on Saturday. I like that church a lot and I want to get involved with the AWANA program and lots of other things. I guess I'll just be all trans-denominational and get involved in activities from more than one church!

I'm excited to be finding ways to get involved in things in my little town, and at church. I look forward to being less of a hermit.

Friday morning before work I'll be heading over to the school at 7:45 for a little celebration. Audrey has been chosen as kindergarten student of the month! Proud Grandma moment! (But I'm not the least bit surprised!) She takes after her mom who constantly had her picture in the paper for something or other. A new cycle begins. Should be fun!

My social security meeting ended up taking place over the phone. A man called me at 9 in the morning and asked if we could do it by phone because he had an unexpected cancellation. I explained that I hadn't mailed in my documents (marriage license and birth certificate) but he said we could still do the interview and I could bring the documents in later. It turned out that they already had the info from the documents, so I didn't even have to do that! It was nice not to drive 40 miles for that appointment. Looking at my budgeted expenses, it looks like my social security check will cover all my basic expenses. I just need to work to cover extras and keep building up my savings. Thank you, Lord!

Well, now that I've bared all of my personal business to the world (who cares, right?). Oh, and I've kind of decided to just stick with working at Hugo's for now. Beginning in January I can probably just work my two weekends a month and one day during the week. Anywhere else I'd probably be getting a much lower wage and have to work more. If something wonderful comes up, of course I'm open to making a change. We'll take it one day at a time and see how it goes. :)

AND NOW for my latest inchies swap-The Snowman swap! Can anyone tell what the guy on the left is doing?

I'm working on 12 more, so I'll probably post those next time.

Wow. Feels like evening already and it's only 4:30! I think I'll do some reading. I have a short day tomorrow (10-2) so there's no need to go to bed early.

Got your tree up yet? My building manager has all her stacks of totes lined up in the  hallways in preparation for Christmas decorating. She's like the holiday fairy. The decorations just appear suddenly. :) I'm blessed to live in such a homey little apartment building.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings!
Shalom, friends and family!


  1. Good night for today, - - but a short message from the Bavarian Forest: The Lord is with you!! Wonderful new doors open in your gifted life! Blessings!

  2. I am thrilled that things seem to be falling into place so well for you. May they continue to do so.
    Is that snowman doing "jumping jacks"?

    1. No, silly goose! He's making a snow angel! :D

  3. your blog post was very uplifting today. glad that everything is falling into place for you.

  4. Aw! You are being blessed and will be a blessing!
    Your inchies are so cute!
    I have a package to send you. We'll see if I can get myself to the post office.

    1. A package?!? Yahoo! :D Thanks, my friend!


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