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Sunday, November 27, 2016


I seem to pop up every nine days or so, eh?

I must say I'm enjoying having more days off from work. I'll have to find some good volunteer opportunities to fill some of my  time. I still feel like I'm waiting for some particular thing to take place before I actually begin doing more of that sort of thing. I think in January I'll be able to cut back a little more and then I'll feel the freedom to begin adding some extra activities in my "spare time".

I heard from the school about my application. They don't have anything available right now except being a substitute kitchen worker. I'm going to call her back tomorrow and ask her to keep me on file in case something more regular opens up. Substituting isn't going to work since I need to know I will have a reliable income.

On the other hand, I do have another idea for employment. There is a place called May Creek Senior Living Campus which is about 15 miles away. They advertise a lot for "resident assistants" and part-time housekeepers. I think the housekeeper position sounds interesting. They suggest just dropping in to visit about it, which I may do on Tuesday. I like the idea of applying for something where they already expect me to be part-time instead of trying to talk someone into hiring me part-time when they really want a full-time person. Also, I like the idea of working by myself, at least under my own direction. I'm thinking this is more of an assisted living arrangement than a regular nursing home. But I'll find out when I visit.

I'd better get to bed. I have my social security meeting tomorrow afternoon. But first, I'll rummage among my photos and see if I've missed some artwork.

Oh, yes. These were for the "Turkeys in Disguise" swap...

 One gal asked for a card with a camel on it.
 And these are for a Colorful Snails swap. They're inchies. (1"x1") I forgot to take the picture until I had already packed them up.
That's all for now. I shouldn't wait so late to post!
Blessings on all who pass this way. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm always glad when I see that you've posted something. I hope you end up with the job that will suit you perfectly. Meanwhile keep sketching those cute ATCs.

  2. how fun, those drawings! I do hope you can find a great 'fit' for what you would like to do next, part time! God give you wisdom and peace in this process!!!


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