Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Friday, November 18, 2016


Would you believe I'm skipping out on work today? I really felt it wasn't safe to drive in. We're in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning with blizzard warnings. You can't really tell from these pictures because my camera can't pick up snow blowing sideways!

 This is where I'll be today...
 I've eaten most of this already, and my paints are close at hand.
 I checked with Micah and feel better knowing that school has been cancelled. They will be taking it easy at home. Little Della has been feverish for a couple of days. Bless her sweet little heart. I think she'll be fine, but you hate to see them not feeling well. Prayers for her.
 Catching up on art topics. These five ATC's were made for my friend's ministry to nursing homes and other folks in need of cheer. We call it Faith Art. I include a scripture on the back.
 This is my latest 5"x7" acrylic on canvas for the canvas swap.
 Sorry, this is just a closer view of one of the cards I showed above. I really liked this one. I'm a sucker for an Irish cottage!
 These are inchies! They're drawn on a piece of watercolor paper that's one inch square. They're on their way to England for the Little Tiny Mushroom swap.

 I made this card for a gal who requested a card with a bird. I love drawing my state bird.
 Did I already show these? I drew some guys with weird hairdos for my Sketchbook Skool class.
 I also drew this guy who is the star of one of the YouTube channels I watch. He lives on a narrowboat in England and vlogs about his little canal journeys. One of my many mini-vacations via YouTube.
 And here's Mr. Sully sporting a cute t-shirt. Mama Micah said she wished she had such a To Do List. She might just get a few things checked off!

I couldn't believe it had been so long since my last blog! The bedbugs seem to have been eradicated. I did have some bothersome itching as recently as a few days ago. After doing some Googling I found that old bedbug bites can flare up again for several weeks or even months. This is usually caused by stress. I'm feeling quite itch free today. Hallelujah!

I mailed my job application into the school day-before-yesterday. Now we wait. They didn't have a job advertised, but they take apps for kitchen help on a continuous basis. If something opens up between now and January at least my application is on file.

I just read Granny Marigold's post and remembered that I'd found some good thrift store items just a couple of days ago! Tons of puzzles for the littles and a couple of beautiful children's books! I may need to assemble these puzzles. You know...just to be sure all the pieces are there. ;)
 The African American Poetry one is more for me. The illustrations are gorgeous and I'd like to study them for painting inspiration.

Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement. I'm never sure if you get a note in your email if I reply to your comments. Anyone know? I really love reading your comments. It means a lot hearing from all of you! If I don't reply it's just that I'm not sure if you'll see the reply. But thank you! :)

Enjoy your day and your weekend, everyone! Much shalom to all!


  1. look at that snow!!! wonderful snow day indeed!!! I hope you continue to be well and itch free!!! have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh, thank goodness, it's you with snow and not me. I am not ready for winter weather, but I think you live where snow is normal for November on. The ATCs are beautiful and what a wonderful idea it is to share your art with the nursing home people. Go make some snow cream!

  3. Snow with blizzard!! Thanks goodness you have such a lovely chair, tea, honey and papers to create wonderful new ATCs!! Hope, Della is better now.
    Hope, the bedbugs are away from your rooms forever! Hope, the girls will have a good and happy-making shool-place. The funny T-shirt of "Mr.Sully" made me smile - - laugh! Have a good time going on to find the best job!

  4. What a lovely catch-up post. I was wondering how you were faring. Winter seems to have arrived for you. Probably just as well that you didn't try driving in it. I'll bet the unexpected day off was a real treat. Take care,

  5. You got our snow! Kinda nice, I think. We needed the moisture it brought. Looks like you've been busy dabbling in the paint. Fun.
    Cute baby, cute T-shirt. Blessings!

  6. Your drawing is so YOU and I love it. I'm glad you got a snow day!


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